1 Feb | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Fighting brand fatigue through A/B testing
Here’s how an e-commerce business tested different ad copy and images on Facebook to lower their CPA by 70 percent over three months. Read more

Google My Business messaging via SMS to end, but where is the alternative?
The end of SMS messaging on the GMB dashboard will have a sizable – and negative – impact on marketing agencies and large enterprises. Here’s why. Read more

Learn how to build an online to offline attribution model for local businesses
Offline pickup with online ordering and coupons are just a couple of ways you can build your ideal local attribution stack. Read more

Amazon advertising attribution: Here’s how it works
There are three dashboards on Amazon and each one tracks attribution differently. Read more

Google adds voice input and spoken results to mobile web search
The search giant appears to be conditioning searchers to use voice across all platforms. Read more

How to know when it’s time to pay for search analytics tools
SEO and search marketing experts offer feedback on when to pay for search analytics tools, factors to consider and making the most out of what you buy. Read more

Agencies say search, social spend will rise, but increases target 5 platforms
While Amazon and LinkedIn cracked the top five, our survey finds second-tier platforms are much less likely to see spending increases in the coming year. Read more

Now your Google text ads can show on YouTube search results, too
Google says early tests have shown similar performance results for text ads on YouTube and Google Search. Read more

From Marketing Land

Slow pages hurt conversions, but marketers aren’t in a hurry to fix them
Faster-loading sites was at the bottom of a list of marketing priorities according to an Unbounce survey. Read more

Two months in, Facebook Attribution gets mixed reviews
Some advertisers are gaining valuable insights from the tool since its release in November, but others aren’t as impressed. Read more

2019 Marketing Trends
Marketing isn’t what it used to be. There’s big data, artificial intelligence, GDPR and agile workflows. Read more

Are brands behind the times when it comes to gender stereotypes in ads?
A new report from Kantar finds marketers don’t believe they’re portraying people in a stereotypical manner, but ad targeting stats tell a different story. Read more

Cross-domain analytics tracking: Why you may not need it
Implementing a cross-domain tracking solution isn’t the answer to poorly configured websites. Here’s why. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Disavowing Bad Links May Help Google Algorithmically Trust Your Links
Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout on Tuesday at the 16:44 mark that in some cases, disavowing or cleaning up bad links to your site may help Google’s algorithm trust other links to your site. Read more

Google May Drop The Old Search Console In March
Last night in the Google NYC event John Mueller said Google is currently aiming to deprecate most, if not all, of the old Search Console by March of this year. Read more

Google: Last 50% Of Mobile-First Indexing Migration Will Be Harder
As you know, Google said over 50% of the search results they deliver were processed through the mobile-first indexing mechanism. Read more

Google Image Search Changes Coming This Year: Think Different
Google’s John Mueller said last night that bigger changes are coming to Google Image search this coming year. Read more

Google Officially To End Some Old Search Console Features
I reported on Friday that Google will be deprecating some or all of the old Search Console features so they can focus more on the new Google Search Console. Read more

Google Investigating AMP Errors & AMP Pages Not Showing In Search
Over the past few days or so, Google has been having issues showing AMP pages in the search results. Read more

Google My Business Photo Bug Prevents Photos From Showing On Google Maps
Joy Hawkins posted in the Local Search Forums that a bug with Google My Business is causing photos that were recently uploaded via Google My Business by the owner not to be able to be seen in Google Maps by searchers. Read more

Google Recommends To Disavow Links That Can Trigger Manual Actions
Google’s John Mueller said in a hangout last week that he would recommend that you not just disavow links that have already resulted in manual actions but you can also disavow links that you think would lead or result in a manual action. Read more

Google: Sitemap Files Don’t Need To Be Indexed To Work
This is a bit heartwarming – to see John Mueller back up Joost de Valk and Yoost when someone incorrectly claimed their was a bug with the Yoast SEO plugin causing major Google issues. Read more

Myth Busting: HTTPS Not Required For Google Indexing & Ranking
Google’s John Mueller did some myth busting this morning around HTTPS. Read more

Google Fixing AMP Errors; Nothing To Fix On Your End Now
Yesterday we reported on widespread AMP errors with Google Search Console and Google mobile search. Read more

Social Media Icons Return To Google Knowledge Panels
Some SEOs are noticing that Google has brought back the social media icons in the knowledge panels for both personalities and local businesses. Read more

Google Ads Bug Shows Too Many Ads; It Is Resolved
We’ve seen it numerous times, where a bug leads Google to either show too many Google Ads in the search results or the organic listings do not load and Google only shows ads. Read more

Google+ APIs Shut Down Concerns Google My Business Developers
Yesterday, I and many developers received an email from Google Developers that had the subject line “[Action Required] Google+ APIs and OAuth requests are being shutdown on March 7, 2019.” Read more

Now Google My Business Bulk Users Can Download/Upload Spreadsheets
Kara from Google announced a small update in the Google My Business Help forums saying “Now, bulk users can download and upload their locations to and from spreadsheets.” Read more

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