04 May | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

First batch of Google mobile-first indexing notifications went out 30 April
Achievement unlocked! Google has begun sending out mobile-first indexing notifications to webmasters. Read more

Hooray! Google My Business descriptions are back
GMB has brought back the business description field and shares helpful tips on how a business owner can get the most marketing and sales mileage from it. Read more

10 ways to increase calls from paid search
The massive increase in phone calls is one of the most notable side effects of the emergence of the mobile consumer. Read more

[Report] Shopping ads are eating text ads: accounted for 60% of clicks on Google, 33% on Bing in Q1
Merkle’s Q1 2018 report shows Shopping campaigns dominate retailers’ paid search click volume. Read more

Searcher intent: The secret ingredient behind successful content development
Taking the guesswork out of determining what type of content will resonate with an audience by creating Excel formulas to help determine what a searcher may be looking for. Read more

AdWords Editor 12.3 is out with more robust filtering, search query reports & more
Editor also now supports custom intent audiences, responsive search ads and other newer features. Read more

Google updates recipe markup for Google Search & Google Assistant
Google requires that the recipeIngredient and recipeInstructions properties for recipes work on Google Assistant. Read more

How to turn a boring email into an irresistible link pitch
Getting people to open, read and act on your email is tough. Read more

Microsoft launches new audience network, ‘Audience Ads’ at Bing Partner Summit
New display network combines search signals, Microsoft’s AI assets and its audience graph, which includes LinkedIn. Read more

From Marketing Land

Digital video ad spend keeps rising, with social media (i.e., Facebook) set to see most growth
The IAB’s latest video advertising study finds two-thirds of advertisers will shift budgets from TV to digital. Read more

Forrester’s first report on media tech/services spending shows customer experience and AI are driving budgets
Spending on traditional media agencies is declining, the report says, CMOs are leading customer-facing efforts and content-based targeting is coming back. Read more

YouTube announces more moves to chip away at TV ad budgets
The updates include an option for targeting cord-cutters in AdWords. It will also sell YouTube TV ads on its Google Preferred network. Read more

You vs. data: Where people fit in modern retail marketing strategy
Three important attitude shifts that can enable your organization to use data efficiently and effectively. Read more

Four publisher groups to Google: Your GDPR proposal ‘severely falls short’
The organizations point to Google’s requirements that publishers collect consent and assume liability as some of the many issues. Read more

Unifying your search and social ad strategies
Change is constant in digital marketing. Experienced marketers realize it’s no longer enough to run campaigns in silos. How can you apply your search marketing expertise to amplify your organization’s social advertising efforts (and vice versa)? Read more

Twitter to launch 8 new pilot series supported by branded in-stream video sponsorships
With more than half of its ad revenue attributed to video now, Twitter is announcing more than 30 video content deals at this year’s NewFronts event. Read more

Snapchat rebrands Promoted Stories as Story Ads & makes them available via its self-serve ads manager
Previously called Promoted Stories, the new Story Ads remain within the app’s Discover feed but are now available via auction-based bidding. Read more

Native isn’t display. Stop treating it like it is.
Programmatic native advertisers that context is key to realizing this format’s potential. Read more

Considering a social media management platform? Compare 18 leading vendors
With hundreds or even thousands of social media accounts to manage and millions of social conversations to monitor, social media marketing has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Read more

Google AdSense updates impression metrics, but earnings should not be impacted
Google AdSense is transitioning from served impressions to downloaded impressions. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Core Algorithm Update, Autocomplete Changes, Negative SEO, Hijacks & One Line AdWords
This week in search, we got confirmation about the large Google update from Google as being a broad core update. It started a week ago Monday and seems to have gone on for ten or more days. Read more

Google Adds Photos Tab To Local Panel On Android Devices
Sergey Alakov spotted Google adding a new tab to the local panel specifically for Photos. Well, it seems to just be showing on mobile for Android devices, not on iOS devices. Read more

What Is Better Google: Wrong Hreflang Or No Hreflang?
Image credit to Shutterstock We know hreflang is pretty complex and in many cases, you don’t necessarily need it but if you do it right. Read more

Google Hijacks Speedtest.net With Their Own Speed Test Widget
You know the lovely folks at speedtest.net – they tell you how fast or slow your internet connection is. Read more

Google Now Sending Mobile-First Indexing Enabled Notifications
Google is now starting to send out notifications about sites switching to the mobile-first indexing process. Read more

Google Featured Snippets Expand By Category/Topic
David Gray spotted and posted on Twitter a featured snippet that expands and has multiple drop down expansion menus. Read more

Google To Expand Mobile-First Indexing Again? In Upcoming Weeks
This mobile first indexing launch, which supposedly began rolling out a month ago to a wider set of sites. Read more

Google Image Search Bug: Only Some Images Are Loading?
Image credit to Shutterstock There are a bunch of complaints in the Google Web Search Help forums about a bug with Google’s image search where the images are not fully loading. Read more

Second Batch Of Google Mobile-First Indexing Began
Yesterday we reported that Google mobile-first indexing notifications first started going out yesterday morning. Read more

Google Search Cannot Read Your Embedded & Interactive Charts
Let’s say you embed an interactive chart either using one of those JavaScript libraries from Google or another company. Read more

Reminder: Content Hidden In Tabs Is Okay With Google Mobile-First Indexing
Now that the mobile-first indexing process is really rolling out now I wanted to remind you that Google said hidden content is okay when you switch over the the mobile-first indexing process. Read more

Why Google Is Moving Non-Mobile Friendly Sites To Google’s Mobile First Indexing
This week we reported how Google began sending out notices of sites moving to the mobile-first indexing process as part of the second batch of those sites. Read more

Google Page Speed Uses Desktop Or Mobile Based On Searcher
There has been some confusion around page speed recently, especially around the new Speed Update coming in July. Read more

Google My Business Releases New API Features, Agency Dashboard & Partner Program
The folks at the Google My Business team announced yesterday new features to the Google My Business API, a new Google My Business agency dashboard. Read more

Google AdWords Editor Version 12.3 Released After 6 Months
It has been about 6 months since Google released an update to the Google AdWords Editor, the last update was version 12.2 which launched in November 2017. Read more

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