1 Jun | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google Maps is testing interface with categories of local search suggestions
New Google Maps interface on Android shows category selections based on where you’re viewing the map. Read more

It’s alive! Image SEO is back from the dead
In the wake of Google’s removal of the ‘view image’ button,  image search is back. Read more

5 PPC mistakes you’re probably making in your campaigns
Most common PPC campaign mistakes can be easily rectified. With extra awareness, time and effort, you can adjust your optimization strategy to focus on ROI instead of CPA and get better results. Read more

Google My Business Q&A: What you may be missing
Did you know you can add a custom FAQ to your GMB listing? Read more

AdWords notes have arrived: How to get started
Easily add notes about changes, testing details and results and more in the new AdWords interface. Read more

What’s the difference between content optimization and SEO?
Keyword optimization is a framework for SEO. Similarly, you could say that topic modeling (how words and phrases are interrelated) is a framework for content optimization. Read more

How to create catchy, effective subject lines for link outreach
Are your outreach emails falling flat? Specific tips you can use to write subject lines that will work to get your emails opened. Read more

Search and direct mobile navigation surpass Facebook as traffic referrers
The shift is likely the result of Facebook algorithm changes, but other factors may also be at work. Read more

How to forecast the revenue opportunity for the coveted ‘position 0’
Everyone wants to command that coveted ‘position 0’ for regular and voice-based search, but that doesn’t mean you can. Read more

DoubleClick Bid Manager opens up digital audio ad buying globally
Advertisers can buy digital audio ad inventory programmatically on Spotify, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Google Play Music. Read more

5 Google Optimize tests to take AdWords to the next level
Recently, Google released new ways to connect landing page tests to AdWords using Google Optimize. Read more

From Marketing Land

Facebook’s new rules for political & issue ads start today
Any advertiser wanting to run political or issue ads must be verified on the platform and include ‘Paid for’ information with the ad. Read more

It’s time for local business to take voice search seriously
Pokémon Go and fidget spinners are fads, but voice search for a local business is not. Read more

The status of Google’s presence in Google Shopping Auctions
Google has long been visible in these auctions, not only through Express but also Play and Store. Read more

Search is more than Google: Mastering vertical search optimization
Vertical search engines, mobile and voice trends seem to be reshaping the search landscape. Read more

Google is testing ads in its app Feed
The Google Feed offers up an un-tapped source of mobile ad inventory. Read more

How to use influencer marketing to meet your company’s goals
Think influencer marketing is too pricey for your brand? Think again. Read more

How to hire the right people for your marketing team
Digital Transformation” has become one of the most commonly used buzzwords in business today. Read more

How brands can find and keep customers without third-party data
With third-party data diminished by GDPR, Apple, Google and issues of quality, some marketers want to live primarily on first-party data. Read more

DoubleClick Bid Manager opens up digital audio ad buying globally
Advertisers can buy digital audio ad inventory programmatically on Spotify, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Google Play Music. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Update, Suing Local SEO, Bing Cryptocurrency & Don’t Be Evil
This week in search, we reported on the maybe 3rd Google algorithm and search update in May. Read more

Google: There Is No Fixed Timeout For JavaScript Page Rendering
So with all this JavaScript code and high end JS based web development going on, pages need to render. Read more

Google: Shared Robots.txt Across Domains Work Okay
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that having shared robots.txt across multiple domains is fine and should work for search. Read more

New Google News Drops RSS Feed Subscription Buttons
With the new Google News, they didn’t just drop the standout tag and editors pick but it seems like the direct method to subscribe to Google News via RSS and Google News keyword searches is gone. Read more

Google Does Not Count Your Typos & Spelling Mistakes
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that Google doesn’t count your typos. Read more

The Google Cache 404s After Move To Mobile-First Indexing
As you know, there has been another wave of mobile-first index moves over this weekend. Read more

Fourth Batch Of Google Mobile First Index Notices
The fourth batch, I believe that is what we are up to now, of notices that sites have been moved over to the mobile-first index has gone out over the weekend. Read more

Google Dropping Anonymous Local Reviews?
Google Maps and Local might be removing anonymous reviews, sometimes shown as reviews by a Googler Users. Read more

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Not Working With Google Tag Manager
For the past several tags the Google Structured Data Testing Tools has stopped working with Google Tag Manager. Read more

New Google Search Console Adds Quick Site Navigator
The new Google Search Console has added a quick drop down menu to navigate from verified site to site within the new version of the Google Search Console. Read more

Google On GDPR Pop Ups Notices With Search & SEO
How would these GDPR notices impact SEO and your Google search rankings? Read more

Google: PDFs Are Not Mobile Friendly
Well, this is one of those no-brainer posts, but hey – I’ll say it anyway, PDF documents are simply not mobile-friendly. Read more

Is The Google Related Search Box Replacing Top Carousel?
I saw several tweets in the past 24-hours or so from people about a new Google search feature. Read more

Google Asks For Photo Of Business Hours
Ben Fisher noticed and posted on Twitter that if you try to edit a business’s hours in Google search under the local knowledge panel. Read more

Bing Crawl Consumption Not Showing Return On Investment
Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast, posted some interesting data on Twitter yesterday around crawlers and how much they consume of their site, how active they are and if there is any return on investment. Read more

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