1 Mar | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google Search Console adds Products to enhancements reporting section
Exciting – a new feature has quietly launched in Google Search Console for sites with products. Read more

Content structure and structured data: Will they impact featured snippets?
In a recent Webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller said there is no particular markup that he is aware of used to generate Featured Snippets. Read more

Nearly half of users have a bad reaction to ‘not secure’ browser warning, survey finds
With few exceptions, brands suffered diminished credibility in UK study. Read more

Controversy over Google Featured Snippets stealing publisher traffic reignites
Google said it will take feedback into consideration. Read more

Google to kill off property sets within Search Console
Google says you can download the data from the interface or the API before they turn it off completely. Read more

Google’s CTR answer just what you’d expect, and this is why SEOs go bananas
Google has finally sent us an official statement about our question if Google use click through rate for rankings. Read more

Video comes to Google responsive display ads
Now you can add YouTube video assets to Google responsive display ad (RDA) campaigns. Read more

Not just for auto anymore: Google tests giant image search ads in new verticals.
The ads feature a carousel of images. Read more

Planning and creating the perfect landing page
How to create landing pages that convert. Read more

Maximize Facebook performance by leveraging the algorithm
A successful Facebook campaign structure is based on objective, budget and target audience. Read more

Google’s next chapter for metrics to focus on clarity once ‘average position’ is removed
Fred Vallaeys explains why advertisers need to rethink bidding strategies and position metrics now that Google has announced it will sunset one of its oldest metrics later this year. Read more

Google call-only ads getting ‘expanded’ with more characters
The business name is also shifting. Read more

Google revamps Test My Site mobile site speed tool
See how your site stacks up against competitors, get recommendations for improvement. Read more

Google opens complaint form to crack down on fake info in Maps
Will this reduce the issues with fraud and spam in the Google My Business listings? We’ll see. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Bing: Only Few People At Bing Understand How Core Ranking Works
Frédéric Dubut from the Bing search team posted on Twitter about the CTR spectacle but in that he said a statement that said “Even within Bing there are relatively few people who truly understand how core ranking works.” Read more

Nope. Google Does Not Use CTR For Core Search Rankings
I am so so so tired of covering this topic, we’ve covered it for well over a dozen years and I just covered it a week or so ago. Read more

Study: Google Featured Snippets Are More Consistent Than I Thought
The folks at RankRanger came out with a study around Google’s featured snippets that shows that on average a featured snippet from a specific site will only be swapped out with a different site but it is rare for it to be swapped out to a third site. Read more

Google Adjusts Algorithms For Categories Of Queries But Not For Industries
Google’s John Mueller addressed a long time topic of interest in the SEO industry around does Google have specialized ranking algorithms for different industries, niches, categories and so on or not. Read more

Google Search Algorithm Update Signals On Friday February 22nd
Over the weekend I have been tracking a lot of chatter within the SEO community on WebmasterWorld and other channels of a Google update. Read more

Venues Can’t Turn Off Confirm Your Visits On Google Maps
The other week, I had a customer ask me if there is a way to stop Google from asking their customers or visitors to confirm their visits in Google Maps. Read more

Google Test My Site Tool Adds New Features & Improvements
Google announced this morning that they have rebuilt the Test My Site tool from top-to-bottom. Read more

Google Ads Tests Large Image In Search Ads
Google is back at it, testing large images in their search ads. Glenn Gabe posted about this on Twitter on Friday and Search Engine Land received a comment from Google on it. Read more

Google: Don’t Stuff Content At The Bottom Of Your E-Commerce Category Pages
I am sure you all see it all the time when you are checking out e-commerce sites – content stuffed at the bottom of the product listings category pages. Read more

Google Image Search On Mobile Adds Swipe To Next
Google Image Search on mobile search has added a “swipe to next” notice when you look at specific images in the search results. Read more

How To Check Country Specific Rankings In Google
Every now and then, especially if you do SEO for a living, you want to see how a site ranks in Google within a specific country or region. Read more

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