10 May | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google Ads reporting bug fix halfway there
Reporting for the full month of April is now correct. Read more

The real-time SEO shift: Research, ranking and recommendations
SEOs need to consider ways to put automation to work while also keeping up with Google’s visual and voice search landscape. Read more

You might start seeing Google Ads’ automated recommendations in more places
In a new test, recommendations show on related areas in the web UI. Read more

Why set it and forget it doesn’t work with feeds or campaigns
Create a checklist to regularly test and review search terms, manage errors and analyze custom label usage to make sure you’re not losing revenue in your product feeds or campaigns. Read more

Google Search experiments with showing less relevant search results when requested
Google experiments with a message in search that reads, “Hmm… the results for your search don’t seem very relevant.” Read more

Google search bug has search suggestions crawling off the page
Google, that just looks ugly. Can you fix it? Read more

Google Search adds support for FAQ and How-to structured data
Google now supports more structured data and adds two new enhancement reports within Google Search Console. Read more

Google confirms store visits, store sales reporting data incorrect from 4/28 on
The problem is tied to the Google Ads reporting bug identified on May 2. Read more

From Marketing Land

Reported Google browser change could be final death blow to cookies
New consumer controls over cooking tracking on Chrome may be announced at Google I/O. Read more

Instagram influencers posting 150% more sponsored content than a year ago
Micro-influencers account for the majority of influencers posting on the platform. Read more

Facebook updates video ranking algorithm to surface content that users routinely seek out
The company says it is also giving more weight to videos that keep users engaged for a longer time period, especially those that run three minutes long. Read more

Facebook gives small businesses new advertising and engagement tools
The newly launched Automated Ads platform will create up to six versions of an ad and offer targeting recommendations based on the company’s Page. Read more

Video ad spend soaring in 2019, favoring original content, programmatic buys
Advertisers expected to dedicate more than half of video budgets to original content while increasing investment in programmatic video inventory, according to reports from the IAB and eMarketer. Read more

Google’s Chrome will change cross-site cookie handling, ‘aggressively’ tackle fingerprinting
Though the cookie is exceeding its shelf-life, the change stands to further shake up marketers’ remarketing, analytics and attribution efforts. Read more

Here’s how to identify and define your brand to engage customers
These three simple questions will help you figure out what your brand is and how it fits into the lives of your current and potential customers. Read more

WordPress version 5.2 delivers more security features, tools to fix ‘fatal’ website errors
Version 5.2 of WordPress includes new website health check features, PHP error protection, new dashboard icons and more. Read more

As part of broader privacy push, Google gives users more control over location data
A new ‘while in use’ location setting comes to Android. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Mobile-First Indexing Is Still On Track & Making Good Progress
It has been a while since we talked about Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative and the last we know is that over 50% of Google’s index is built through mobile-first indexing. Read more

5 Months Later Google Has Not Fixed A Googlebot Search Exploit
Tom Anthony after 5 months of informing Google about a way to manipulate Googlebot to execute Javascript on other people’s websites where Google can and will index those changes, including links, he decided to publish the details publicly, since Google didn’t take action. Read more

Google Search Console Adds Three New Reports
Google announced three new reports to Google Search Console yesterday. Read more

May 2019 Google Webmaster Report
The past month in terms of Google search, SEO and webmaster related topics can be summed up into two primary categories. Read more

Google Search Console Change Of Address Tool Not Working
I am hearing reports of the change of address tool in Google Search Console is not working. Read more

Google: Disallowed URLs Can Still Collect Links
Just like you can sometimes see listings in Google search for URLs that are disallowed, those URLs can also “collect” links in Google search. Read more

Google My Business Reporting Also Buggy
The folks in the Local Search Forums are complaining that some of their clients are showing weird reporting glitches within the Google My Business Insights section. Read more

Google’s New How Google News Works Portal
Google launched a new portal named How News Works on Google. Read more

Google Mobile Friendly Test Not Using Latest Chromium Yet
With the big news around Googlebot now being evergreen and running the latest version of Chromium and thus being able to access 1000+ new features on web pages, you’d think we’d see it. Read more

GoogleBot Runs Latest Chrome – This Is Big News
Probably the biggest news for the SEO industry out of Google I/O yesterday was that Google said Googlebot is now evergreen, meaning it will stay up-to-date with the latest version of Chromium, their popular Chrome browser. Read more

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