12 Apr | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

More ways to slice and dice your Google Search Console performance report is here — from your Android apps and possibly the Google Discover feed. Read more

Consumers largely unaware of fake reviews problem on Amazon
Three-quarters of respondents indicated they “fully” or “somewhat” trusted Amazon reviews. Read more

Ready, Set, Go! Googlebot Race
The test demonstrated Googlebot ignores rel=next and rel=prev tags; but it is worth taking a closer look at pages containing infinite scroll in future. Read more

Search Google by date with new before: and after: search commands
Users can now skip the Tools tab and narrow down results from the search bar. Read more

How you can make the most of your YouTube video advertising
Take advantage of the meteoric rise in video advertising with the right tips, tricks and tools. Read more

A case study for delivering performance in a mature Google Ads account
Over the course of a year, 80 experiments tested a wide array of features (like responsive ads, target CPA bidding and others) for a large legal client. Read more

Google Search Console adds Discover report
If your website gets a lot of traffic from Google Discover you may see a new report in the Google Search Console to help you analyze that data. Read more

Google says de-indexing issue is fixed
After six days of working to fix the indexing bug, Google claims to have solved the problem but did not elaborate on what exactly went wrong. Read more

4% of the Google index hit by de-indexing bug, Moz data shows
Now that the Google de-indexing issue is resolved, how bad was it? Read more

AMP to supports custom JavaScript with amp-script
To be announced in more detail next week at the AMP Conference, Google is adding JavaScript support to AMP. Read more

From Marketing Land

Why marketers need call tracking and analytics
Everything marketers need to know about call tracking Read more

Here’s why it is important to have a cohesive mobile customer experience
The way customers are accessing content is continually changing and brands need to engage with users on their terms. Read more

Lush UK bids farewell to social. Will other brands follow suit?
The company claims social platforms are making it harder to talk to customers. Some marketers say it’s the wrong move. Read more

Facebook to replace Exclude Categories with new brand safety ad filters
By the end of May, the Excluded Category options for Audience Network, Instant Article and in-stream video ads will be replaced with the new Inventory Filters, giving marketers streamlined control over content associated with their ads Read more

Pinterest introduces new conversion features for Promoted Pins and Videos
The new campaign features come to Pinterest in advance of its pending IPO, allowing advertisers on the platform to define conversion goals with greater accuracy. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Tests More Graphical Google My Business Dashboard
Google is experimenting with a new dashboard for the Google My Business section. The new dashboard shows larger cover images and photos that you can change for your business. Read more

Google Algorithm Update Tools Going Off – Is It A False Alarm?
The automated tracking tools that look for Google search algorithm updates and large ranking changes are going wild over the weekend. Read more

Google’s Index Bug With Pages Being De-Indexed Is Almost Fixed
Just to keep you all up to date on the issue with pages dropping out of the Google index starting last Thursday. Read more

Google: More Crawling Doesn’t Mean Things Are Better (i.e. Rankings)
Google’s John Mueller had to reiterate what he said a couple times now, this time on Reddit – saying “More crawling doesn’t mean things (like rankings) are better.” Read more

Matt Cutts Wants Google To Bring Back The + Operator
This is funny – back in 2011 when Google+ launched, Google removed the + search operator from Google search so it can work better with the Google+ strategy. Read more

Google Recipe Rich Results & Mobile Friendly Bugs Reported
With the indexing issue going on, people have also been reporting that Google is having issues showing their rich results in the search results and also claiming their mobile-friendly pages are not mobile friendly. Read more

Google Prefers Content Tweaks Vs URL Redirection For Personalization
Google’s John Mueller said it would be better to offer personalization to users through dynamically tweaking the content on the page versus redirecting that user to a different page with personalized content on that page. Read more

Google Search Console Performance Report Now Consolidated To Canonical
In February, Google announced that they would be consolidating the data in the performance report to the canonical. Read more

Google: We Fully Fixed The Google De-Indexing Bug
As you know, we were the first to report the large de-indexing bug where Google was dropping pages out of their index starting as early as a week ago today. Read more

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