13 Apr | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Already doing SEO? Add these two things to optimize for voice search
Not sure how to optimize your webpage for voice search? Read more

Google My Business expands menu editor to support service menus
You no longer need to be a restaurant to add your menu of services to your Google local listings. Read more

Google is officially testing ‘more results’ button to load more search results
Instead of making searchers click to the next page of search results, Google is testing showing more results on the same page. Read more

How to align SEO and sales teams so everyone benefits
If your sales and SEO team need a refresher on how to work together. Read more

Google tests showing two Shopping ad carousels on mobile
The test features Google’s Showcase Shopping ads and traditional product listing ads on one result. Read more

Google launches Reach Planner for YouTube & video ad forecasting in AdWords
The tool suggests ad format mixes and provides reach estimates based on campaign objectives and budget inputs. Read more

Become an SEO rock star: Evolve your SEO skill set
Want to be the SEO everyone looks up to? Read more

Bing Shopping ads updates include multiple images, product status reporting & more
Multiple images will start appearing in Bing Product Ads by the end of April for advertisers that have added the image URLs to their feeds. Read more

How to outdo the PPC robots in shopping ads
Seven ways account managers can use their experience to improve shopping ad performance. Read more

Google officially rolls out ‘More results’ search button on mobile
After confirming it was testing the ‘More results’ button earlier this week, Google tweeted an official announcement about its launch today. Read more

Chrome tests showing themed search suggestions based on Google search history
Chrome uses past Google searches to show a set of search suggestions about what you might be researching. Read more

New Google Search Console adds Search Appearance filters and more
You can now filter your Google Search Performance reports by Rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings and job details. Read more

4 hreflang tag errors Google corrects for you
Can we fix it? Yes we can! Do we need to? It may not be worth your time to fix hreflang tags since Google is probably fixing them for you. Read more

Power up your B2B remarketing campaigns with 4 killer tricks
Four types of Google AdWords remarketing campaigns targeted toward the B2B marketplace that will build brand, convert leads and keep people from feeling creeped out. Read more

From Marketing Land

SMB marketing survey finds only 3% use outside agency or vendor
Messaging and SEO seen as most effective digital tactics, Snapchat easiest to execute. Read more

Programmatic is an amazing tool for branding. Here’s how to use it.
If you’ve been reserving programmatic display for your performance campaigns. Read more

Facebook to require authorization and labeling on all political and ‘issue’ ads, verification of large Pages and more
The company also plans to roll out tools that let users see who is advertising on a Page and search through all the political ads running on the platform. Read more

Brands, please stop ruining the consumer mobile journey with desktop experiences
Prioritize the mobile experience as consumers seek to complete tasks and purchases on their devices. Read more

Time for brands to take customer data personally
As consumers and regulators increase scrutiny around data, there’s an opportunity to adopt a customer-centric approach to privacy while providing personalized experiences. Read more

Closing the deal with in-store customers
After a brand spends big bucks to get a potential customer into the retail environment, how can they win the sale? Read more

Best practices for customer data strategies and identity resolution
When it comes to customer data, fundamentals matter. If you don’t know who your customers are, you can’t create personalized brand experiences that increase revenue and lifetime value. Before you jump on the latest big digital marketing bandwagon, ask yourself these questions. Read more

Native will dominate display spending in 2018
Mobile, social media and Amazon are the major growth drivers. Read more

What marketers need to know about Facebook’s updated Business Tools Terms
The updates are largely guided by GDPR and go into effect May 25, 2018. Read more

Snapchat looks to offer new e-commerce options for Discover Publishers
A feature is being tested that will let users swipe on a product and buy it from the Snap Store within Snapchat’s Discover platform. Read more

Instagram tests scannable Nametags, taking another page from Snapchat’s playbook
Similar to Snapchat’s Snapcodes, Nametags will allow users to create a scannable image that makes it easier to gain followers. Read more

Behavioral triggered emails: Not just for e-commerce anymore
You may associate behaviorally triggered emails with e-commerce, but here are some scenarios that work for financial services, B2B, healthcare, travel and entertainment. Read more

Dynamic Search Ads are for amateurs or superheroes
The ad program doesn’t hold a candle to human-powered account management. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google goo.gl URL Shortener Shutting Down On March 30, 2019
Google announced that they are shutting down, closing, their URL shortener service on March 30, 2019. Google first launched it in December 2009. Read more

Google Is Able To Index CSS Grid Layouts
Google said even though Chrome 41, how GoogleBot sees the web, doesn’t support CSS Grid Layouts, Google is still able to index the content on those pages. Read more

Google Tests Mini Local Packs In Search
Andrew Hagemann posted a screen shot on Twitter of Google showing a miniature or minimized version of a local pack. So instead of showing three local results, it shows a box that says you can click here to see three local results. Read more

Google “Interesting Finds” Shows AMP Pages & More
Google is testing a feature called “Interesting finds” which shows AMP pages in a two by two grid around a query. Read more

Google Removes ccTLDs Part Of Generic TLDs From Help Doc
In 2013, Google listed the 20 ccTLDs they treat as generic TLDs. So for example, a .co TLD would not be geotargetted towards Colombia by default, because so many people use .co TLDs not within the region of Colombia. Read more

Google: Content From APIs Are Copied Content
This may be super obvious, but sometimes the most obvious stuff is not as obvious as you’d like. Content pulled from an API or data feed is technically copied content. Read more

Bing Drops Sidebar Text Ads But I Still See Them
Bing announced a couple weeks ago that they have removed the search text ads from the side bar of their search results. Read more

Google Rolling Out Featured Snippet Refinement Bubbles?
Over the past few days, I’ve been getting messages about people seeing the featured snippets query refinements which we covered as a test back in September of last year. Read more

Google: RSS Feeds Don’t Help Your Site Rank Better
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that RSS feeds do not help your web site rank better in Google or Google News. Read more

Google Checks Links On Desktop Vs Mobile Before Switching To Mobile First Indexing
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter yesterday that before Google moves a site from desktop-first indexing to mobile-first indexing, they do look to see the links. Read more

Google Shows Save Button On Local Panel On Desktop
Last August, Google began displaying a save button on local panels on mobile search results. Now, some are seeing the save button on the desktop version of the local panels as well. Read more

Google Cache 404 Error Does Not Impact Your Search Rankings
John Mueller from Google said on Reddit that if your cache link in Google returns a 404 error, that it doesn’t mean your rankings will be hurt in Google. Read more

Google Search Console Performance Report Gets Search Appearance Filters
Google announced on Twitter that the new version of the Google Search Console has added a filter and comparison toggle in the Search Performance report (similar to the old Search Analytics report) for “search appearance. Read more

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