15 Jun | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google testing AMP label in Search ads
The label is showing on some text ads with AMPed landing pages. Read more

Advanced AdWords Strategies to Personalize Experiences and Drive Revenue
Paid search is brutally competitive. Everyone is using the same tactics to drive conversions. How do you separate your AdWords campaigns from your competitors’ to acquire more customers at a lower CPL? The answer is with personalization. Read more

How to understand searcher intent and use it to boost SEO rankings
Understanding the intent behind the keywords you target simplifies the entire SEO process. Read more

Building links in boring industries
Fresh out of ideas on how to build links to a boring site? Read more

Supercharging your SEO with AI: Insights, automation and personalization
The tech giants are fully committed to ‘AI-first,’ and marketers who follow suit can supercharge their SEO strategies. Read more

Bing announces Bing AMP viewer & JSON-LD support in Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing announced two new features at SMX Advanced. Read more

Measuring the quality of popular keyword research tools
Contributor JR Oakes measures the quality of popular keyword research tools against data found in Google search results and performing page data from Google Search Console. Read more

The Rise of Voice — What the increase in voice assistants and AI means for business
AI-enabled voice recognition is becoming a normal part of how we interact with technology. Read more

Reducing the time it takes to write meta descriptions for large websites
The process of writing meta descriptions will likely be improved using machine learning techniques. Read more

Google makes some clarifications related to mobile-first indexing
Confused about the Google mobile-first indexing change? Google just posted several clarifications. Read more

Google updates ‘Ad Settings’ to allow users to turn off targeting signals
Google is also extending ‘Why this ad?’ notices to all services that display Google Ads, including YouTube, Google Play, Gmail, Maps and partner websites and apps. Read more

How to determine if you’ve been hit by negative SEO
Knowing you’ve been hit by a negative SEO campaign is crucial to fighting it. Read more

From Marketing Land

Survey: 87% of mobile marketers see success with location targeting
Benefits include better response, higher engagement and customer insights. Read more

Instagram’s new shopping bag icon adds e-commerce element to advertisers’ Stories
Tapping the shopping bag icon will display more details on the products featured on Instagram Stories from brands. Read more

LinkedIn rolls out Sponsored Content carousel ads that can include up to 10 customized, swipeable cards
Along with the standard available ad metrics, advertisers will have access to click and impressions for each card within the ad. Read more

Snapchat brings AR Lenses to its self-serve ad tool, launches Sponsored Snappables & builds on its e-commerce efforts
Along with its latest AR ad developments, Snapchat is rolling out goal-based bidding around conversions for e-commerce advertisers Read more

Facebook launches tool to let users rate advertisers’ customer service
Advertisers with a high volume of negative feedback that fail to correct customer service issues could have their ad privileges removed. Read more

7 personalization strategies to convert more callers to customers
Digital advertising has gone mobile. And when consumers engage with a company’s digital ads and website on their smartphones, they often convert in the most convenient and immediate way: by calling. Thanks to smartphones, the volume of call conversions from digital advertising has exploded. Read more

Report: Google and Facebook top advertisers’ list of fears that could impact their businesses in 2018
Regardless, advertisers will give a larger portion of their budgets to Google properties than to any other entity. Read more

Priorities for diagnosing JavaScript-powered websites
JavaScript and some of the chaos associated with it and compiles a detailed checklist you can use as a starting point for deeper analysis. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Meta Descriptions, News Publishers, Algorithm SEO Impacts & Yoast Plugin
This week, I covered the big monthly Google webmaster report. Also, Google told us the meta descriptions HTML improvements section in Google Search Console will go away. Read more

Google: Using HTML5 Properly Has No SEO Downside
We’ve been talking about how Google deals with HTML5 in terms of SEO and ranking since 2010. Read more

Google Maps Timeline Data Disappears
There is this feature in Google Maps called Google Maps Timeline. Read more

Google Posts For Products Has Its Own Tab
Yesterday we covered how Google Posts now supports products and offers, a way to highlight more items when people search for your company on Google. Read more

Google: Changing Word Order In Title Tags Shouldn’t Impact SEO
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter this morning that he doesn’t believe that changing the word order of your title tags would impact your SEO and ranking. Read more

A Google Algorithm Update On Friday, June 8th?
There is some chatter starting around Friday, June 8th, in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread about a possible Google algorithm update or shift starting Thursday night into Friday and throughout the weekend. Read more

Google Local Panel With In Store Savings & See What’s In Store
Google is showing in store savings and see what’s in this store in the mobile version of the local knowledge panel. Read more

Google Images Does Not Pick Up Images In Div Tags
Will Google pick up images you include in a div tag? The answer, at least from Google’s John Mueller, is likely no. Read more

Hreflang Attributes In Sitemaps & HTML Code Treated Equally By Google
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that they treat hreflang found in your XML Sitemaps file and HTML code markup equally. Read more

Google Adds Similar Hotels Carousel To Local Panel
Brad Brewer who follows Google’s hotel search results really closely spotted Google now showing a “similar hotels” carousel in the local knowledge panel of a hotel result in Google Maps. Read more

Google Doesn’t Decode MD5 Hash URLs For Keywords
I love seeing Google SEO related questions I’ve never seen before and this one, I never saw before. Read more

Local SEO Agencies Not Happy With New Google Agency Dashboard
Last week, Google launched the new Google My Business Agency Dashboard which promised to offer local SEO agencies a way to “manage multiple listings faster, simpler and more intuitively.” But no, from what I hear, it is super buggy and not ready for prime time yet. Read more

Google AdWords New Shopping Features
Yesterday at SMX Advanced Google announced new shopping features. One was actually one we covered on Monday that was not yet announced yet local panel what’s in store results. Read more

Google: Cache-Control Headers Do Not Impact GoogleBot
The Cache-Control general-header has no impact on GoogleBot and how it crawls your web pages. Read more

Google Sitemaps URL Order Does Not Matter
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that the order of the URLs in your XML Sitemap files does not matter. Read more

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