16 Feb | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’
After years of pushing for ‘secure by default’ web sites, Google will identify insecure sites in the Chrome browser beginning mid-Summer. Read more

Bing Webmaster Tools adds social sign-in feature
You can now log into your Bing Webmaster Tools account using your Google or Facebook login. Read more

Google, Getty Images enter a multi-year global licensing partnership
The deal effectively ends Getty’s European antitrust complaint against Google. Read more

Monitoring web migrations: A checklist for moving from one site to another
Walk through of what to monitor during a web migration and how to fix issues so you don’t lose traffic and rankings. Read more

AMP Stories: The new Accelerated Mobile Pages format from Google
Does this doubling down on the mobile framework by adding the new, heavily visual and interactive format signal a more aggressive push toward AMP-only websites? Read more

Google launches new look for ‘people also search for’ search refinements
Go to a search result, click on a listing, and then click back to the search results page on Google to trigger this on Google desktop search. Read more

Keyword discovery and expansion with competitive intelligence
Analyzing big data sets is a common challenge facing enterprise search advertisers, particularly for those managing campaigns across a massive volume of keywords. Read more

Google announces AMP for Email – delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages experiences to your inbox
The new spec is available through the Gmail Developer Preview, with support in Gmail slated for later this year. Read more

How to build a stronger, more effective PPC team
PPC professionals with the strongest knowledge of paid search fundamentals will have the best opportunities for successful campaigns and solid career growth. Read more

Instapage launches first landing page platform with AMP
The company is partnering with Google to lower loading times for mobile landing pages, because each second can increase the bounce rate by 20%. Read more

Google Image Search removes View Image button and Search by Image feature
After making a deal with Getty Images, Google has revamped some of their image search features and user experience. Read more

Google Maps for iOS catches up with Android version, adds driving directions, transit info & explore nearby
A year after bringing real-time information within Google Maps for Android, Google has now released it for iOS devices. Read more

Making website speed and performance part of your SEO routine
Monitoring webpage performance is key to avoiding setbacks when algorithms change. Read more

From Marketing Land

Facebook’s ad placement reports were supposed to roll out to all advertisers last year but have not
To address advertisers’ transparency concerns, last year Facebook said it would provide all advertisers with reports of where their ads could and did appear. But many brands are still waiting for access. Read more

Facebook to begin counting viewable-only impressions for Pages’ organic reach next week
Facebook originally said it would switch to only counting viewable impressions in November 2016, but the new system took longer than expected to build. Read more

How to respond when customers get sour on social media
Five-point solution for dealing with customer complaints in social media. Read more

Facebook tests downvoting as it learns how to gauge meaningful engagement on Page posts
Facebook’s downvoting test only applies to comments on public Page posts and does not affect how posts, comments or Pages are ranked. Read more

Snapchat opens its advertising API to everyone
Snap’s Marketing API enables any brand, agency or developer to create its own software to automate the buying and targeting of Snapchat’s Snap Ads. Read more

Facebook will create a section for ‘hard news video’ within Watch
Facebook’s Instant Articles paywall will finally roll out to its iOS apps on March 1, says company’s head of news partnerships Campbell Brown. Read more

Snapchat rolls out analytics tool to win back the influencers it has lost to Instagram
Snapchat will detail influencers’ audiences using the same categories brands use to target ads, making it easier for influencers to sell brands on sponsoring their Stories. Read more

Facebook’s fight against spam and clickbait and what it means for advertisers
Facebook has overhauled its News Feed algorithm in response to critics — including advertisers — questioning the quality of the environment. Read more

Busting e-commerce myths that lead to bad marketing decisions
Seven e-commerce clichés and shed light on the truth about what works and what doesn’t. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Now Requires Higher Resolution Images For AMP Top Stories Carousel
Aaron Bradley posted on Google+ that Google has changed the article schema requirements documentation specifically for AMP pages that you now need to provide higher resolution graphics in that AMP markup. Read more

Google Search Console Notice: Provide A Manifest & High Resolution Favicon
Google is sending out new Google Search Console notifications to some webmasters asking them to “provide a manifest and high resolution favicon for” their web sites. Read more

Did Google Search Console Remove The Request Indexing Quota?
Over the past few days, the webmaster and SEO community has been asking why did Google remove the quota number from the Google Search Console Fetch as Google “request indexing” feature. Read more

Google My Business Wants To Know When Did Your Business First Open
Tim Colling posted on Google+ and it was also added to the Local Search Forums that Google My Business is now asking business owners to set the date they first opened up their business. Read more

Google Chrome To Mark All HTTP Sites Not Secure – No Joke
Google announced any web page served over HTTP and not HTTPS will be marked as not secure by Chrome starting in July 2018. Read more

Google AdWords Using Maximize Conversion Bidding May See Unusual Higher Cost Per Clicks
Google’s community manager, Michelle, in the AdWords forum said there may be “some edge cases” where switching your bidding strategy from any of the available options to maximize conversions bidding may result in high swings and spikes in your CPC. Read more

Google To Webmaster: Cut Down On Similar Content Pages
A webmaster or business owner was upset his website dropped in its Google search rankings and complained in the Google Webmaster Help forums. Read more

Google Does Not Check For DNSSEC, DKIM Or SPF For Search Ranking
You would assume that since Google search doesn’t even check to make sure the HTTPS is valid for your search ranking boost that Google also doesn’t check to see the level of security for a domain name in search. Read more

After Months Of Testing, Google Launches People Also Search For Box
Over the past 24 hours or so, I received dozens of notifications of a new look and design for the people also search for box in Google. Read more

Google Launches AMP Stories & Visual Stories In Mobile Search
Google launched this morning at the AMP Conference something they are calling AMP Stories. They are swipeable user interfaces that tell you a story. Read more

Google AdSense Places Payments On Hold Until Mailing Address Verification
Google AdSense is showing some AdSense publishers a notice that their payments are on hold until they validate and verify their physical mailing address by way of postcard. Read more

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