17 May | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

7 best social media monitoring tools for any business
Social media provides an enormous pool of insights on your market and competitors. These social listening tools bring those insights right to the surface. Read more

Welcome to the Golden Age of competitive research
One of the largest opportunities we have as PPC marketers is to seize the moment when competitors have stopped paying attention. Read more

Google announces new ‘discovery’ ad formats, revamped Shopping experience, native placements at Google Marketing Live
The company also announced a new Google Shopping experience that aspires to be more competitive with Amazon. Read more

New native Discovery ad campaigns from Google monetize Discover feed for first time
Discovery campaigns run across YouTube home feed, Gmail social and promotions tabs and Google Discover feed. The company says 800 million people now use Discover monthly. Read more

Google’s giant gallery ads for search are coming: What they are and how you’ll pay for them
Advertisers can feature up to eight images in gallery ads, Google’s new mobile search ad format. Read more

Google says no core update or infrastructure changes have occurred despite chatter
The company says the rumors are not legit – there was no major update to Google search recently. Read more

Performance Planner now live in Google Ads: Shows predicted impact of campaign changes on conversions, clicks, more
Forecasts are calculated using historical campaign and auction data. Read more

3 ad copy mistakes keeping you from paid search success
Although Google provides data on keywords, bids and other aspects of your paid search campaigns, it tends to leave us hanging when it comes to ad copy. Read more

The big picture from Google Marketing Live: With multi-channel campaigns, Google aims to own the funnel
The company introduced new and expanded ad surfaces for campaigns that run across multiple channels, and Search becomes a spoke in the wheel. Read more

Yoast SEO 11.2 lets webmasters tailor their schema output
New filters facilitate adding or removing from the schema graph. Read more

Mobile, desktop search traffic split may have stabilized at roughly 60% – 40%
Hitwise found an average of 61.3% of searches across key categories were initiated on mobile devices. Read more

Microsoft goes open source with one of its Bing algorithms
Microsoft’s Space Partition Tree and Graph algorithm enables developers to apply vector search to traditional, audio and visual queries. Read more

From Marketing Land

Google shares details on how first price auctions in Google Ad Manager will work
Says it is working with partners and still plans to complete the transition to first price for Google Ad Manager this year. Read more

Privacy, a year later: How the GDPR has affected AI-powered marketing
GDPR may seem like a burden but as companies rebuild trust with consumers, it will become a sustainable approach fostering both innovation and accountability. Read more

Google’s new Bumper Machine whips up 6-second bumper ads from longer videos
The tool uses machine learning to take relevant moments from longer videos and automatically convert them into the shorter ad units. Read more

Mailchimp set to launch full-service marketing platform
The application has plans to evolve into more than just an email platform. Read more

Twitter’s ad revenue jumps 18% as marketers invest more on the platform
Advertisers saw total ad engagements increase 23% year over year, with cost-per-engagement down 4%. Read more

Adobe Commerce Cloud announces cross-cloud integration with Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics
Adobe’s move to bring Magento into the cloud with more integrations for merchants, adds solutions to manage omnichannel sales. Read more

Beyond call tracking: Measuring sentiment for marketing success
The benefits of call analytics to digital marketers can reach far beyond attribution. Read more

5G won’t solve ad-supported video’s playback issues
If ads are destined to upset target audiences through buffering, slow load times or poor quality, then advertisers aren’t getting their money’s worth. Read more

Google is focused on Ether and Ozone rather than on Amazon
Google journeys into uncharted territory with offline TV efforts and disruptive purchasing habits – countering competition from Amazon. Read more

Google Display & Video 360 adds more tools to streamline cross-screen TV buys
The tools are designed to give advertisers more functionality around privacy regulations, new linear TV placements and consolidated TV buying. Read more

Location intelligence companies react to new Android privacy controls
The consensus is positive but OS fragmentation means it will be some time before this reaches the Android masses. Read more

Is Amazon friend or foe? Retailers must weigh the opportunity before tapping revenue gains
Retailers with a unique product may be cautious selling on Amazon but it can be a powerful channel for moving out-of-season and clearance items. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Officially Launches FAQ & How-To Structured Data Markup
Google announced it a year ago at Google I/O 2018 but didn’t launch FAQ and How-to structured data until a year later at this years 2019 Google I/O event. Read more

Google Search Console New Speed Report
At Google I/O they demonstrated a new report within Google Search Console named the Speed Report. Read more

Google PageSpeed Insights Implements Design Update
Google’s PageSpeed Insights, last week, as I noted very briefly my weekly video this past Friday, has done a smallish design update to the tool. Read more

SEO Test Proves New GoogleBot Is Live
Valentin Pletzer didn’t want to just take Google’s word that the new evergreen GoogleBot is live, so he tested it. Read more

Google: Don’t Just Blindly Delete Old Pages
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that it doesn’t necessarily make sense to just go into your content management system and delete old pages after a certain date. Read more

Steven Levy: Google Search Results Overrates Freshness As A Ranking Signal
Steven Levy, the tech reporter that most tech reporters look up to. He has interviewed legends of tech, has access to companies like Google and Apple more than others. Read more

Google: New GoogleBot & Indexing Bugs Unrelated
Google now supports more structured data and adds two new enhancement reports within Google Search Console. Read more

Google Rolled Out The New GoogleBot Over Several Months
Just an FYI, Google did not simply flip the switch last week and turn on the new GoogleBot, the evergreen GoogleBot, over night. Read more

Google: Top Three Things A Developer Can Do For Search Rankings Doesn’t Include Links
Google’s Martin Splitt posted the first SEO Mythbusting series and in there, a developer asked him what can to help his sites and apps do better in search. Read more

ew Performance Planner In Google Ads
Google Ads announced a new performance planner tool that identifies the best spend amounts for your campaigns to drive incremental conversions, they said. Read more

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