19 Oct | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google and Salesforce integration: Bringing customers and brands closer together
The new Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 integration is enabling next-level understanding of the customer experience. Read more

YouTube now counts ‘engagement’ for YouTube for action ads at 10 seconds, not 30
Google says the new attribution will better reflect the role of video in the customer journey, but it also changes the way advertisers are charged for views. Read more

Do you still need a PPC tool with the new Google Ads?
On the surface, it’s easy to wrongly conclude that Google and Bing are automating PPC pros right out of relevance. Read more

Google Ads Report Editor gets two new landing page reports
New columns are available with an update to what was the final URL report. Read more

Why Google Cache lies to you and what to do about it (if anything)
You shouldn’t panic if you see weirdness in the Google Cache. Still, it’s worth investigating in case an odd display is a sign of a bigger problem. Read more

Bing says it is improving web crawler efficiency
Bing is working on making sure its crawler doesn’t miss new content and at the same time overload your web servers. Read more

Is Google rolling out a new more graphics-heavy design for local pack results?
Make sure to get your business photos in Google My Business in tip-top shape. Read more

5 ways ignoring SEO could affect your bottom line
It may be possible to run a business in 2018 without doing search engine optimization, but doing so exposes you to risks and leaves money on the table. Read more

Google My Business Insights adds branded search reporting
Google added a new metric in the local Insights report to show how many people search for your brand. Read more

From Marketing Land

Twitter reported to be under investigation for violating GDPR
Irish privacy authorities are looking into whether Twitter was in breach of the European law when it refused to comply with a user’s request to see his data. Read more

Facebook: Coming to a TV near you?
The company is rumored to be working on a device under the name Project Ripley to launch next spring. Read more

How will Google’s new Android app licensing rules in Europe impact Chrome and search?
The company is unlikely to see any loss of mobile search share as a result of complying with Europe’s antitrust decision. Read more

Facebook introduces retention optimization option for app advertisers
Facebook’s Ads Manager will also get four new retention metrics for app install ad campaigns. Read more

Google ushers in the Age of Conversational Ads with the launch of AdLingo
The new display ad-like format, available through the regular Google ad platform, allows advertisers to deliver ads that query users and respond to them. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Updates Us On Search Updates Communication
I guess Google is sick of me asking them about their search algorithm updates because they posted a long Twitter rant/stream on how they communicate updates. Read more

Google Ignores Browser Location Requests (Allow & Block)
You know those browser requests you get where it says this website wants to know your location and makes you click block or allow? Read more

Google Top Contributors Are Now Google Product Experts
Google announced they have rebranded the Google Top Contributors program into what they are calling the Google Product Experts program. Read more

Google Again Tests Favicons In Search Results Snippets
Google is once again testing favicons in the search results snippets near the title of the result. Read more

Google Again Tests Favicons In Search Results Snippets
Google is once again testing favicons in the search results snippets near the title of the result. Read more

New Google My Business Clear Option For Attributes
Google My Business lets you add attributes to your local business listing but there is no quick way to remove or clear these attributes. Read more

Google People Also Search In Local Search Results
It looks like Google also has the “people also search for” feature in the local search finder results as well. Read more

Google My Business Dashboard Adds Map To Address
The Google My Business dashboard typically by default only shows the address without a map on the info tab when you are looking to edit your address. Read more

Google Search Algorithm Updates Impact Sites That Didn’t Have Ranking Changes
Google’s John Mueller said that most Google Search algorithm updates will have an impact on every site, even if the site did not see any ranking changes. Read more

October 16, 2018 Google Search Algorithm Update
Trust me, I am even getting tired of reporting on Google search algorithm updates – we’ve had so many but there are numerous signs of another update. Read more

Google Local Panel Shows Products & Services Section
Andy Simpson posted on Twitter and in the Local Search Forums a screen shot of Google showing a products and services section in the local panel result for a business. Read more

Is GoogleBot Able Scroll Down Your Page?
Another debate came up based on what Google’s Gary Illyes said at PubCon and what Google’s John Mueller said previously. Read more

Google: We Render 98% Of Crawled Pages But It Can Take Weeks
Google’s Gary Illyes said at PubCon that they are able to fully render 98% or more of the web pages they crawl. Read more

Google: Do Not Use Hashtags In URLs
You know I just reported yesterday that Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the AJAX crawling scheme has really been deprecated. Read more

Google Supports Noscript Tag For Images But Not Sure About Web Content?
Yesterday at PubCon, Gary Illyes from Google said you can use the noscript tag as a way to give Google more content around your lazy loaded images. Read more

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