20 Apr | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case in UK High Court
Decision likely to spark other appeals to courts by those denied de-listing. Read more

Want to target position 0? Here’s what you need to make that happen
Hey Google, how do you become the answer people hear on their voice assistants? Read more

4 underutilized schema markup opportunities that impact SEO
Advantage of little-used brand, image, app and person schema that indirectly help position a website for better rankings. Read more

Research: Google local algorithm uses 2:1 clustering formula
Study identifies Local Pack results distance pattern. Read more

Here’s how to use Twitter to dominate the Google search results
If you want to displace negative content or build a strong brand identity, Twitter can help. Read more

Are your ads pointing to the right domain? Here’s a script to find out
Super helpful script that will make you look like a PPC superhero by verifying your ads are linking to the right domain. Read more

Google’s mobile-first index has set sail. Are you on board? 5 SEO essentials
We’ve been hearing about the mobile-first index forever, and now it’s finally here. Read more

The 40-point SEO checklist for startups
Startups can’t afford to miss a SEO trick when it comes to launching a new site. Here’s a checklist to help keep you on track. Read more

Google launches Outstream Ads to boost video reach beyond YouTube
A new video ad format brings video to mobile devices, in locations where no YouTube videos currently exist. Read more

Compare 15 marketing automation platforms
Marketing organizations of all sizes are being inundated by data from multiple digital marketing channels and an increasing number of consumer devices. Read more

Sarcasm aside, how strict PPC advertiser policies may actually benefit us
We may not like the way Google manages the AdWords program, but anything less and the SERPs and advertising ecosystem would have imploded long ago. Read more

From Marketing Land

Gmail’s upcoming redesign to include more app integration, smart replies & offline support
Google sent Gmail users an announcement earlier this week outlining a new ‘Gmail Experience’ to launch via the company’s Early Adopter Program. Read more

Google brings ‘Funding Choices’ ad messaging to more countries & adds subscription offer
Launched last June, Google’s ‘Funding Choices’ platform was designed to help publishers recover lost revenue from ad-blockers. Read more

Why publishers should be taking action on net neutrality
The repeal of net neutrality rules is set to take effect next week. Read more

How GDPR may help drive blockchain usage for content
How blockchain for content can help build trust and transparency in the digital economy, in keeping with the spirit of GDPR. Read more

Pinterest redesigns business profile pages with monthly viewer counts
The monthly viewer count number will show businesses the number of people who have viewed their pins during the last 30 days. Read more

Best practices for optimizing media rich web page speed
Consumer media consumption is rapidly shifting from text to visual images. Website content that includes compelling images averages nearly twice as many views as text, and four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Read more

Fake videos could threaten what is left of reality
New, cheap tools to create realistic-looking fake videos are already here, and brand reputation, news reporting and political campaigns may never be the same. Read more

Facebook’s ‘Premieres’ video format will let publishers post prerecorded video as live footage
Facebook says its new video format is currently being tested among a group of creators, publishers and shows, with a wider rollout happening soon. Read more

Snapchat broadens its ad options with new Shoppable AR Lenses for brands
Advertisers will now be able to add a ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Watch’ or ‘Install Now’ button to their branded Lenses. Read more

Making the inbox spring to life at last
Email has long been left behind when it comes to innovation online. Read more

Compare 15 marketing automation platforms
All new! B2B Marketing Automation Platforms Marketer’s Guide updated for 2018. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Not All Content Is Relevant To All Users In All Locations
Google’s John Mueller responded to someone on Twitter who was upset that his content ranks well in India but that same content doesn’t rank well in the US based Google results. Read more

Add Google Search Console To Your Google Shortcut Menu
Folks were asking John Mueller about Google adding the ability to add a link to Google Search Console in the Google menu, the 9 dots at the top right of any Google page. Read more

Google Analytics Asks Customers To Set Their Own Data Retention Policies
The other day, Google emailed their Google Analytics customers with a long email about GDPR and data retention controls. Read more

Chrome Tests Google Search Suggestions With Explore On Start Screen
As I reported yesterday at Search Engine Land, Google has confirmed they are testing a new start screen on their browser, Chrome. Read more

Google Generally Prefers One Stronger Page Versus Many Smaller Pages
Just to be clear, Google said this before – Google: Few Strong Pages > Many Weak Ones but here John Mueller explained it a bit more. Read more

Is Google Dropping Live Wait Times In Local Panel?
Last November, Google started showing live wait times at some venues and locations. Read more

Google Algorithm & Ranking Update Kicking Off?
There may be a Google search and ranking algorithm update starting off this morning. I received a couple of notifications via email and some on social media and the chatter in the ongoing WebmasterWorld forums is starting to heat up a bit. Read more

Google: New TLDs Google Treats Generic, Even .london Is Not Geotargeted
Google treats all those new TLDs that launched a few years ago as generic TLDs, and by default, those are not geotargeted. That includes the new TLDs for popular cities such as .london, .madrid. Read more

Google: We Don’t Always See Links With OnClick JavaScript Events
We all know how good Google is at understanding and crawling JavaScript, AJAX and complex web pages in many forms. Read more

Report: Google Featured Snippets Decline & Direct Answers Increase
The folks at RankRanger posted on Twitter that they are seeing less Featured Snippets show up on Google mobile search. Read more

Google Tests Showing From The Businesses Section Higher
A month ago, Google began allowing businesses to once again edit their business description. Now, people are noticing the box that shows this business description. Read more

Google Only Can Judge Site Quality Based On Pages They Index
Google’s John Mueller addressed the topic of page pruning again, but this time explains that Google can only judge the overall site quality based on the pages they have of that site that is in their index. Read more

Google: Keeping Your Mobile Site Not Mobile-Friendly Is A Bad Strategy
I spotted a conversation on Twitter around how some webmasters and SEOs are so afraid of losing their rankings when being switched over to mobile-first indexing that they are intentionally making sure their web sites are not fully mobile-friendly. Read more

Google: How To Reverse A Site Move & Go Back To Original URLs
Site moves in the SEO world are always scary, moving from one domain to another or one URL structure to another can be nerve racking. Read more

Google: Mobile-First Indexing Switch Is Based On Technical Set Up, Not Search Query Volume
As you may know, Google began rolling out the mobile first indexing process a few weeks ago. Read more

Google My Business Insights Mysteriously Disappears On Friday The 13th
If you login to your Google My Business account, click on one of your business listings and then go to the insights section. Read more

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