22 Feb | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google drops mobile app properties from GSC, reminds site owners to remove G+ integrations
Google giveth, and Google taketh away — or moveth. And the search giant is emailing Search Console users about these upcoming changes. Read more

Using Google Search Console to manage ‘search enhancement’ validation errors and employing the API
In this wrap-up of our series on Google Search Console, get tips on the most productive uses of the GSC API. Read more

Google Search Console sending alerts for big ranking, traffic drops
Google is sending out a new type of alert from Google Search Console. Read more

Coveted featured snippet space is more exclusive than you think, study shows
A new study on featured snippets in Google shows you how competitive this search real estate can be. Read more

Bug with Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool showing ad scores and more data
The Google ad diagnosis tool is currently down after showing data it should not have been showing. Google is investigating the issue. Read more

Advertisers can now view Google mobile speed scores for more landing pages
Google Ads tweaked its mobile speed score algorithm to reduce the number of ad clicks needed to generate a result. Read more

Google doc rekindles myth that click-through rate affects rankings
Despite repeatedly saying they do not use click data for search ranking purposes, a fresh document triggers confusion around the topic again. Read more

From Marketing Land

Personalizing customer experiences at scale
How human creativity and AI-based automation make a winning combination. Read more

Marketers, campaign success depends on actually identifying your goals
It is important to choose an attribution approach to measure success – and stick to it – because the most common mistake in campaigns is shifting mid-stream. Read more

Bing Ads multiple language targeting: What you need to know
There are important nuances to ensuring your ads reach users in the languages they understand. Read more

Google won’t block ad blockers after all
Developer outcry and a study on the performance of content blockers seem to have changed the company’s mind. Read more

Google touts ROI of AMP display ads, adding they perform best on AMP web pages
Volkswagen reported a 48 percent lift in CTR running an AMPHTML ad on an AMP page. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Auto Complete Suggestions Design Change
Jayesh Vaishnav shared on Twitter a screen shot of Google auto suggest or auto complete might be testing a design change. Read more

Google Launches Shopping Product Cards Buttons On Desktop Search
Google is testing showing product cards in the Google Shopping panel on desktop now. Read more

Google Tests Favicons For Top Stories
Google loves testing favicons, they do it all the time, and now Google is testing favicons in the top stories carousel. Read more

Google Search Console Notification: Mobile App Properties No Longer Supported
Google has sent me and others who have verified mobile app profiles in Google Search Console that they are no longer supported. Read more

Google: Don’t Break The Rules Even If Competitors Are
Google’s John Mueller at least twice this week had to respond on Twitter suggesting that SEOs do not break the rules, go against the Google webmaster guidelines, simply because others are getting away with it. Read more

Google News Search Related Coverage Expandable Snippet Carousel
Here is a GIF of what I think is a new form of snippet feature in the Google News mobile search results. Read more

Google Search Algorithm Updates Continue Through Weekend
The chatter has not simmered down that much from the February 12/13th Google algorithm update chatter. Read more

Google Ads Fixes Data Leak From Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool
On Friday Google Ads started to leak some data about their search ads within the Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool. Read more

Google Algorithms Detect & Adjust Rankings For YMYL Queries
The Google white paper I just covered mentions explicitly that Google’s algorithms can detect if a query is related to YMYL, your money your life, related content and then adjust the weights of the ranking algorithm for those specific queries. Read more

Google Algorithms Detect & Adjust Rankings For YMYL Queries
The Google white paper I just covered mentions explicitly that Google’s algorithms can detect if a query is related to YMYL, your money your life, related content and then adjust the weights of the ranking algorithm for those specific queries. Read more

Fake Google Maps Edits Cause Major Business Disruptions
Anyone can edit a business listings details on Google Maps and local. So if you have a competitor and you want to close them down, or shut their business hours, or change their web site address or worse, you can do that. Read more

Bing Algorithm Ranking Update? Bing Says Nothing Out Of The Ordinary.
I spotted a rare forum post at WebmasterWorld from an SEO that noticed significant ranking and indexing changes at Bing. Read more

Google: Tagging Internal Links With UTM Tracking Parameters Send Mixed Signals
Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout on YouTube yesterday at the 16:56 mark into the video that it can confuse Google if you are tagging your internal links with tracking parameters, such as UTM links. Read more

Google Turns On Assistant Calls For Local Businesses After Opting Out
The other week we reported that Google by default has opted in all Google My Business listings to receive calls via the Google Assistant with their Duplex technology. Read more

Google Ads Requires Fewer Clicks To Show Mobile Page Speed Scores
Google announced they now require fewer ad clicks to trigger the calculation of mobile page speed scores for an ad’s landing page. Read more

Google Search Console Notifications For Drop In Weekly Clicks
Google is now sending out what I believe are new notifications when a site verified in Google Search Console has seen a drop in clicks, impressions, etc. Read more

Google: SEOs Don’t Manipulate Google They Manipulate Web Sites
Sometimes Google’s John Mueller has these one liners that I just want to share with the SEO community. Read more

Google Looking To Speed Up Crawl To Render Time But…
As you know, it can take weeks from the time Google crawls some pages to fully render them. Read more

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