22 Jun | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Get the agency guide to video marketing
Learn tips & tricks for making video marketing easy and affordable. Read more

Google local pack business categories dynamically change based on query
Google now uses searchers’ keywords to customize the local pack business categories. Read more

How social networks usurp Google’s local search dominance
Google may dominate most results, but not local search. How Facebook and other social networks take a significant share of local search away from Google. Read more

Google Search Console Analytics API now has 16 months of data
About 6 months after the historical data rolled out in the Google Search Console user interface, it now has come to the API. Read more

Bing Ads rolling out UI updates to make bulk analysis & changes easier
Advertisers can see and adjust location target settings in bulk and get deeper reporting from the Dimensions tab. Read more

Google changed the way it works, and no one really noticed
If you missed the changes Google made late last year on labeling country services, you’re not alone. Read more

Should you keep your best content on your site or send it away?
Pros and cons of keeping content on your site versus sending it away. Read more

Google replacing video boxes with video carousel on desktop search
Notice a change to your video views on some of your more popular videos? Google made a change in search on how they display video boxes. Read more

From Marketing Land

Find the right marketing automation software for your business
Compare 15 top vendors in this guide from MarTech Today. Read more

Pinterest Marketing Partner program adds creative segment with 7 ad platforms
Pinterest advertisers will now be able to use Vidmob, Popular Pays, Social Native, Vidsy, Shutterstock Custom, QuickFrame and The Online Studio. Read more

How researching B2B influencers can deliver actionable intelligence
How to gather and utilize information to inform a successful influencer campaign. Read more

Facebook opens up Watch to creators & adds video features to take on YouTube
Aiming to design a more YouTube-like landscape for creators, Facebook is broadening its video options and opening the door to Watch. Read more

B2B marketers must prove contribution to revenue
Marketing priorities have changed. Today’s B2B marketers must focus on KPIs. Read more

5 things to check if your traffic suddenly drops
Has your traffic taken a sudden nosedive for no obvious reason? Let’s investigate the most common underlying issues and the ways to get back on track. Read more

Advertisers will soon have AdWords tools to test & measure creative elements of YouTube video ads
YouTube’s new creative suite — which includes Video Experiments, Video Creative Analytics, YouTube Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing — is still in beta. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Clarifies Seven Points On Mobile-First Indexing After Much Confusion
Image credit to Shutterstock Let me start by saying all of these points, in my opinion, is something we’ve covered here before but the interesting thing is that Google felt these seven items are things SEOs who give presentations have confused over the past several months. Read more

Google Updates Ad Settings: You Turn Off Personalized Ads
Google announced they have updated your ad settings page to enable you to turn off personalized ads and/or see and remove the information Google has on you around personalizing those ads. Read more

Google Search Console Now Shows How Much Of Their Traffic Is Over Web Light
Yesterday, Google announced on Twitter that they added a new Google Search Console filter in the new beta performance report to filter out Web Light results. Read more

Google Local Adds Good For Watching Sports Attribute
Image credit to Shutterstock Google announced yesterday both on Twitter and Google My Business Help forums that a new attribute is available in Google My Business. Read more

Google Search Algorithm Update Signals & Chatter
Just like last weekends Google update chatter, we are seeing similar levels of chatter and signs around a Google algorithm update in search. Read more

Google Local Pack Shows Query Dependent Dynamic Business Categories
Google is now dynamically changing the service or business category they show in the local pack next to a business based on the user entered query in the search box. Read more

Did You Get Your Google Local Posters? I Did.
Last week, I received a massive envelope from Google with a bunch of posters and signs for my business. I got them for free by filling out the smallthanks.withgoogle.com web site. Read more

Google Links to Your Site Metric Drops For Some
Last week, I saw some chatter within the industry of people complaining that their Links to Your Site report in Google Search Console has dropped significantly. In the old days, if this metric shifted significantly up or down. Read more

Google Search Console URL Removals Take Less Than A Day
Everyone knows Google Search Console has a removal tool, they launched it back in 2007. Read more

Google AdWords Tests AMP Label On Search Ads
Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land covered Google testing AMP labels on search ads. Read more

Google Search Console May Consolidate Properties Automatically
John Mueller of Google said it again, yes we covered this back in March 2018, that the new Google Search Console may simply consolidate all your properties altogether into one property without having you to verify each one. Read more

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