22 Mar | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Early data on Google March 2019 Core Update show an interesting pattern
While Google would not say if the March 2019 core update was a reversal of the August 1 update, the data paint a pretty compelling picture. Read more

Public Google+ content is getting archived for future generations
Your public Google+ posts will be saved for posterity with the Internet Archive. Read more

Patent suggests how CTR, time on page could be used in search rankings (if Google did that sort of thing)
But no, this doesn’t confirm Google is using engagement metrics in rankings. Read more

Google’s March 2019 core quality update: Stories of recovery
Here’s an early look at a nutrition, small e-commerce and larger informational site after the March update. Read more

SEOs frustrated by Google’s belated pagination announcement
GApparently, people don’t like being kept in the dark. Read more

Bing Ads Editor releases updates to make Google Ads imports faster, easier
The enhancements focus on reliability, speed and parity. Read more

What do the symbols mean in Google’s Map Pack and Local Finder?
Over the past couple of years, Google has been consistently expanding upon its functionality for extracting information and displaying in local search results. Read more

The rise (and further rise) of Google My Business spam
Google’s machine learning tool verification is just not working for GMB listings as spam is constantly slipping through the net. Here’s how you can help. Read more

From Marketing Land

Instagram debuts in-app checkout for e-commerce brands
The feature allows users to make purchases without leaving the app. Read more

Facebook removes age, gender and ZIP code targeting for housing, employment, credit ads
Facebook said it is also creating a tool for users to search and view all current housing ads, regardless of how they were targeted. Read more

LinkedIn adds lookalike targeting, Bing tie-in and B2B templates to ad platform
Company continues to build out its ad offerings to scale with the growing needs of its advertisers and is fine-tuning its targeting measures. Read more

What marketers can do next time a major social network (ahem, Facebook) goes down
Though Facebook’s March 13 outage was the longest in its history, there’s a lot that can be done to make sure you’re prepared for the next blackout. Read more

3 key components of mobile audience marketing
As mobile marketing increasingly dominates ad spend, and the use of geo-targeting strategies rises, the use cases and techniques also evolve. Read more

Content may be king, but context is queen
We have reached a content peak and the context of how we learn about, access and make choices is now nearly as important as the quality of the content. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google March 2019 Core Update Had Many Reversals But It Was Not A Reversal
There is a lot of speculation around the March 2019 core update that started on March 12th that it reversed what the Medic update did on August 1, 2018. Read more

Video Thumbnails In Google Search Results Snippets
We’ve seen examples before with video thumbnails in the Google search results snippets. Read more

Google March 2019 Core Update Myth Busting From Google
I felt it was important to make sure you all read my article on Search Engine Land with statements from Google around the March 2019 core update that started on March 12th. Read more

Google My Business New Spam Form Response Time A Couple Weeks
Last month we reported Google launched a new form to report Google My Business/Google Maps spam. Read more

Google: Our Algorithms Don’t Get Angry
Emotions often get in the way of objective and clear thinking, that is why Google builds robots and algorithms to have no emotion. Read more

Google: With March 2019 Core Update We Try To Make Incremental Improvements
Google’s John Mueller for the first time addressed the latest Google algorithm update, the March 2019 core update, that touched down on March 12th. Read more

What Is Google’s Neural Matching?
Yesterday I covered that Google said that their neural matching AI has nothing at all to do with the March 2019 core update, nor any previous updates. Read more

Google Search Console Now Allows Removal Of XML Sitemaps
You can now remove your XML Sitemaps from the new version of the Google Search Console. Pedro Dias first spotted this and posted about this on Twitter. Read more

Google Ads Now With Recommended Columns For Reporting
Google Ads the other day introduced a new feature in their console to suggest to you the columns they think are important for you to see in your dashboard. Read more

Google Search Console Sitemap Report With Delete, Open In New Tab & Detailed Reporting
We reported yesterday that you can now delete an XML Sitemap in the new Google Search Console. Read more

Google: There Is No Google Organic Traffic Budget
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that Google doesn’t have an organic traffic budget that will stop sending a site traffic once it reaches a certain number. Read more

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