23 Feb | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Invest in a killer PPC campaign by using these smart budget strategies
How allocating funds and developing smart budgets brings focus to your PPC campaigns and helps make them a success. Read more

What people get wrong about keyword cannibalization
SEOs should reconsider how they think about keyword cannibalization and look at it as an opportunity, not an issue. Read more

Labels now available in Bing Ads Editor for Dynamic Search Ads
New feature allows advertisers to organize DSAs in a personalized way. Read more

Google says 100+ ad networks support AMP, releases 3rd-party technology support
Real-Time Config component enables integrations with other technology partners such as data management platforms and server-side header bidding without impacting speed. Read more

Google changes request recrawl limits, noting daily limits versus monthly quotas
Google has finally disclosed the new recrawl limits by revising the help document over the weekend. Read more

Bundle your agency services to boost revenue
Though the leading marketing sectors, such as technology, software and many consumer brands, have been utilizing marketing automation for years, it is still a relatively underutilized technology in many sectors. Read more

International SEO and search trends: How does it all work?
An overview of how to implement an international SEO strategy and suggests what is right for your company will depend on your objectives, budgets and marketplace. Read more

Google Chrome extensions bringing back ‘View Image’ & ‘Search by Image’ buttons in Google Image Search
Google killed off some much-loved features in image search. Now here are some Chrome extensions that bring back that functionality. Read more

Google Maps adds mall directory search & browse in local panel
Google adds a new tab to the local panel in the search results named ‘directory.’ Read more

Google drops support for meta news keywords tag
After years of telling publishers to use the news meta keyword tag, Google said it stopped supporting it months ago. Read more

How to sync your keywords and ad labels with an AdWords Script
A free script to help solve labelling issues by copying labels within an ad group from ads to keywords or vice versa.. Read more

Enterprise SEO and cross-channel performance: Activation and integration
A strong website is a lifeline for most companies. Push smart SEO content, social agendas and AI first technologies. Read more

Why entities may power the future of location-based data
Businesses with physical locations need to strengthen their entities, doing so helps Google track customers and strengthen your findability. Read more

Google to move more sites to mobile-first index in coming weeks
Google plans to roll more sites into the mobile-first index in the near future. Are you ready? Read more

Google’s growth in online local reviews continues to dominate, but…
Why we should keep an eye on TripAdvisor and Facebook when trying to increase online reviews. Read more

Google Search Console blocked resources report had processing error
You may notice decreased counts of pages with blocked resources in Google Search Console. Google has fixed it, but the reports may be off for your site. Read more

AdWords Keyword Planner update appears to be rolling out in the new interface
The latest version features streamlined workflows and reflects the design updates in the new AdWords experience. Read more

Auditing customer reviews for organic traffic growth without losing speed or attracting penalties
Looking for ways to beef up retailer product pages? Read more

From Marketing Land

A link-building case study: Using brand mentions and competitive linking tactics
Link-building tactics implemented on a new website, resulting in an increase in links and traffic. Read more

How to build a stronger, more effective PPC team
PPC professionals with the strongest knowledge of paid search fundamentals will have the best opportunities for successful campaigns and solid career growth. Read more

Why hacking social media algorithms is a losing strategy
Shortcuts to social media success may be tempting, but this article explains why they’re not the best way to proceed. Read more

Twitter takes aggressive steps to curb spam & bot activity by blocking identical actions across multiple accounts
New policy restrictions will no longer permit simultaneous posts with identical content across multiple accounts. Read more

Google AdSense launches new type of ad format that optimizes placements
The company says that publishers who use Auto ads could see a revenue lift of up to 15%. Read more

Facebook is removing 20 outdated, redundant ad metrics; adding methodology labels
The changes are part of an effort to improve transparency and clarity of ad measurement on the social network. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Bing Ads Editor Adds Labels For Dynamic Search Ads
Bing Ads announced new support for the dynamic search ads within the Bing Ads Editor tool. Read more

Google Adds Trending Tag To Knowledge Panel
Search for [michael jordan] and you will see his knowledge panel on the right side of the page. Read more

Google Drastically Changes Crawl Limits In Search Console
For the past ten days or so we have been following the quota changes with how many URLs you can submit to Google via the Google Search Console fetch as Google feature. Read more

Google Tests Black Search Results Interface Again
For the past many many years, Google tests black designs for the search results interface. Read more

Google News Meta Keywords Tag Hasn’t Been Supported Since October 2017
So for the past four months or more, Google has not supported the Google News meta keywords tag. Read more

Will Google Search Ranking Algorithms Use Chrome Ad Blocking Signals
Would Google be using those signals used to block ads in Chrome as ranking signals or factors for ranking in the future. Read more

Google To Port All Old Search Console Features To New Version
On a daily basis I see complaints around the new beta Search Console which began rolling out recently about how it is missing many of the features from the old version. Read more

Google: We Changed Request Indexing Limits & Quotas Over Spam & Abuse
When Google first changed the request indexing limits and quotas in the Google Search Console tool, Google was pretty cryptic and secretive about the whole situation. Read more

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