24 Aug | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Old content still showing up in Google search results? Google might not find that content important
Google explains how crawl rate can be used as confirmation that a page is OK to remove from your website, and thus their index. Read more

15 questions to ask yourself before publishing a new landing page
Building landing pages? A tried-and-true list of 15 questions to help guide you in creating and evaluating new landing pages. Read more

Google Drive’s rebrand to Google One includes offers for hotels found in Search
Deals on hotels found in Google Search are spotlighted in the Benefits section of the new Google One app, with plans to add more promotions from Google properties. Read more

A checklist: Important SEO points to cover in a content campaign
A checklist of key on-page and analytical items and how to SEO them so your content campaign runs smoothly and supports your ranking efforts. Read more

Google Analytics shows how to find Google Image search traffic when Google Images changes the referral URL
Curious how Google Analytics will show your traffic coming from Google Image search after the pre-announced referrer URL change? Read more

New Google Search Console has added the links reports from the old interface
Google continues to port features from the old Google Search Console to the new beta Search Console. Read more

Report shows YouTube and Google video ranking algorithms differ widely
A new report shows that there’s little correlation between ranking well in YouTube search and doing the same in Google video carousels. Read more

Google to automatically verify your Google Search Console account if you are the property’s owner in Google Analytics
Google is opening up Google Search Console automatically, so countless webmasters and site owners will have more access to data and important website alerts. Read more

Flying close to the sun: SEO tactics that may get you burned
The temptation to take the “quick and easy” route is everywhere, and SEO is no different. Read more

When migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, Google says to use 301 redirects
Don’t get fancy with your HTTPS site migration. Keep it simple and consistent, and use 301 redirects, says Google. Read more

From Marketing Land

The Google expanded text ad CTR lift that never was
Google’s expanded text ads (ETAs), drawing comparisons to the new responsive search ad (RSA) format. Read more

LinkedIn set to launch redesigned Groups platform by end of August
The company sent a notification email to Group managers outlining coming changes. Read more

Google clarifies it does capture location data after Location History is turned off
The company issued a correction on a help page following a story by the AP. Read more

Europe to punish sites for not removing ‘illegal content’ within one hour
Regulations set to be published must be approved by the European Parliament and then EU member states. Read more

As advertisers pull back on Facebook, Instagram’s ad spend growth rate is booming
Facebook’s ad spend is at a standstill, but Instagram’s is on the move. Here’s a look at just how much it’s up and what’s driving the growth. Read more

Instagram makes a play to keep users scrolling with new ‘Recommended For You’ posts
The new feature being tested conflicts with the digital well-being initiative behind Instagram’s “You’re All Caught Up” feature launched last month. Read more

Chrome browser to update to material design ‘across all operating systems’
Reportedly, the changes will be most pronounced on iOS. Read more

MeetEdgar offers automated variations for social posts for SMBs
The social post scheduler says this is the first time the capability has been offered in a tool for small businesses. Read more

Report: Customers are more loyal to companies that are transparent on social media
Consumers expect more transparency from businesses than they do from politicians, friends, or even themselves. Read more

Facebook clarifies Custom Audience list management terms for agency-advertiser relationships
After receiving questions from advertisers about recent updates to Custom Audience terms, Facebook has updated its policies to be more clear. Read more

Facebook rolls out mobile-first video creation tools for advertisers
Marketers can use the tools to add motion to existing images and videos or to create video ads from company assets like logos or photographs. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Crawls Pages More Often If They Are More Important & Popular
Google’s John Mueller confirmed that Google crawls pages more often if they are more important and popular. Read more

Did The Google Medic Update Make Search Worse? Show Google Examples.
The nuts and bolts of four unique link-building tools and shares how each can help analyze web pages and assist in your linking efforts. Read more

You Got The Click! Now What?
Google is asking you to provide examples of how the search results are now worse off since after the Google Medic update which was released on August 1st as a core broad Google algorithm update. Read more

Google Launches Expandable Featured Snippets
Google announced they have launched a new form of featured snippets that offer expandable snippets to help a searcher dive deeper into the aspects of a specific query. Read more

Google Search Console Sends Useful HTTPS Gone Wrong Notifications
Google is now sending useful notifications about issues when you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. Read more

Reports Of Some Google Medic Update Recoveries
I am seeing some webmasters and SEOs claim they have seen recoveries over the weekend with some of their sites impacted by the Google Medic update that took place on August 1st. Read more

Reserve With Google Expands: Enables More Bookings, Appointments & Reservations In Google Local
Google seems to be expanding Reserve with Google, a way to integrate your booking, reservation and appointment software directly in your Google local panel or on Google Maps through Google My Business. Read more

Google: Google’s Medic Update Was Not Designed To Target YMYL Or Health Sites
Gary Illyes said while on stage at the Search Masters Brazil that the Google Medic update, the core search algorithm update on August 1st, was not designed to target YMYL types of web sites. Read more

Google Panda & Penguin: The Page Level Differences
Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed on stage at the Search Masters Brazil event that while the Google Panda algorithm collects its data at the page level, it will impact the site at the host level. Read more

New Google Search Console Finally Gets Link Report
Google has announced that the new beta Google Search Console is now getting the link report. Read more

Google: Indexing API Not Coming Anytime Soon
A few months ago, Google introduced the Indexing API specifically for job posting URLs. Read more

Google Tests New Image Search Results Preview Design
Google seems to be testing a new design for how Google Image search shows you previews of images after you click on the result. Read more

Google: We Looked At How To Give SEOs Advice On The Google Medic Update
I did it, I asked John Mueller of Google to please give additional advice to SEOs and webmasters about the Google Medic Update, the core algorithm update on August 1st. Read more

Possible Bug With Google Search Console Performance Report Query Filter
There seems to be a lot of complaints in the past day around the Google Search Console performance report, when the query filter is used on that report. Read more

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