29 Jun | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google begins sending goodbye old AdWords UI notices
It’s time to get serious about embracing the new AdWords. Read more

Google rolls out updates to give users easier access to privacy controls
Will easier access to privacy controls cause headaches for marketers who rely on activity-related data? Read more

Advertisers will soon have AdWords tools to test & measure creative elements of YouTube video ads
YouTube’s new creative suite — which includes Video Experiments, Video Creative Analytics, YouTube Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing — is still in beta. Read more

Bing visual search adds support for your camera and photos
Bing unlocks new intelligent visual search features within the Bing app for iOS and Android. Read more

Google turns on ‘Continued Conversation’ in the Google Assistant
Users will be able to ask repeated follow-up questions without the need to say “OK Google.” Read more

Google invites more entities to take control of their Knowledge Panels and ‘get verified’
Suggest a featured image and control other factual information in the panel. Read more

Practice useful marketing for local business content success
As a small business owner, you fight big brands and a ranking system that favors them. How can you compete? Read more

Google Search Console releases URL inspection tool
Check out the new tool that shows you details about how Google crawled, indexed and processed a specific URL on your website. Read more

Parsing pages: Is it better to update or remove thin content?
There are three basic strategies for dealing with thin content: update, redirect or noindex. Read more

How to take advantage of strategic PPC audience targeting
How to use audiences within paid search campaigns to target and convert prospects more effectively. Read more

Bing Ads app gets multi-user access to toggle between accounts & ability to add funds
Quickly navigate between multiple accounts, get actionable insights and add funds to prepay accounts on the go. Read more

Google Maps begins rolling out new explore features announced last month
The new Google Maps features are rolling out worldwide now, so go get them. Read more

Getting it done: how to overcome common link building blockers
Link building is tough to begin with and made harder when company policies slow down the workflow. Read more

Google introduces Smart Campaigns for small businesses — the first new solution to launch under the Google Ads brand
Campaign ad creation, audience targeting, ad delivery across Google channels — and soon landing page creation — are automated based on the advertiser’s goal. Read more

Google Insights report in Google My Business gets subjective attributes
Learn what your customers think of your business with the new “what your business is known for” report in Google My Business insights. Read more

Google is retiring the AdWords & DoubleClick brands in a major rebranding aimed at simplification
Welcome to Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. Read more

From Marketing Land

Facebook takes fight against fake news to more countries & ups machine learning efforts around bad actors
The company announced a number of new initiatives to stop the spread of misinformation on the platform. Read more

10 ways to increase calls from paid search
Mobile has changed everything. Phone calls can be your most valuable conversions. Read more

Content optimization vs. SEO — What’s the difference?
The keyword is still relevant, but SEO has become more complex. Read more

New report: Some ad campaigns are almost entirely robot traffic
The good news in this first Robot Traffic Report from ad platform Dianomi: Overall bot traffic is down to about 32 percent, including good and bad ones Read more

Loyalty is more than marketing, it’s a mindset
How retailers must approach customer loyalty — you’ve got to give it to get it. Read more

Mobile is taking over the customer journey
Mobile success requires a lot more than just having an app or mobile site. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Console Internal Link Report Feedback Wanted
Google is actively reaching out, asking webmasters and SEOs what they use the internal link report in Google Search Console for. Read more

Google PageSpeed Insights Now Aggregates Speed Data For Origin Site
Google PageSpeed Insights can now tell you how fast your whole site is as a whole because it now lets you see the aggregated page speed data across your whole domain name. Read more

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Chatter, AdWords Shutting Old Down, AMP, Search Console, Bing, Assistant & More
There was even more chatter of Google algorithm and ranking changes this week. Read more

Google John Mueller: Keyword Stuffing Should Not Warrant Removal From Index
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he doesn’t believe things like keyword stuffing should lead a site or page to be removed from the Google search index. Read more

Google: Using The Meta Keywords Tag Won’t Cause A Search Penalty
We know that Google says you can spam and stuff the meta keywords tag all you want, it won’t cause a penalty because Google simply ignore the meta keywords tag. Read more

Google Assistant Gets More Natural “Continued Conversation”
Google announced yesterday that they have upgraded the Google Assistant to hold a conversation with you in a more natural way with “Continued Conversation. Read more

Google Search For Your Account Privacy & Security Settings
Google announced yesterday they are rolling out on Android now and iOS later a new and improved way to manage your Google Account. Read more

Get Google Knowledge Panel Verification
Late Friday, Google announced they’ve opened up verification of the knowledge panels to more and more people. Read more

Google Shows Dynamic Filters On Local Pack Results
Google is showing dynamic filters for some queries in the local pack. Read more

Google Search Console URL Inspector Tool Is Still Rolling Out
Yesterday we covered the new Google Search Console URL inspection tool and the biggest question I’ve seen about it is where can I find it. Read more

Performance Card In Google My Business
If you login to your Google My Business account, you will see in your dashboard a performance card. Read more

Google: Every URL Indexed Has A Canonical URL Assigned
Google’s John Mueller explained on Twitter twice the other day that every single URL Google has in their index automatically has a canonical URL assigned. Read more

Google My Business Launches Subjective Attributes In Insights
Google quietly said on Twitter that they launched “subjective attributes to provide more information in your insights tab. Read more

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