29 Mar | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google webspam report: Hacked sites, user-generated spam, bad linking topped 2018 priorities

Google maintains that less than one percent of sites visited from search results are spam.
Read more

Google AMP, mobile-friendly testing tools support code editing
Save time and reduce risk with the new code editing feature in the AMP and mobile-friendly testing tools from Google. Read more

SEOs show mixed results following Google March 2019 core update
The data was not conclusive on any specific tactic or type of site impacted by the algorithm change. Read more

Google to retire the info: command, adds canonical information to URL Inspection Tool
Google URL inspection tool now shows the Google discovered canonical URL. Read more

5 additional data blending examples for smarter SEO insights
Once you preprocess columns to consistent formatting, additional data blending options include prioritizing pages with search clicks, mining internal site search for content gaps, analyzing traffic issues with 404 pages and more. Read more

Google drops more reports from old Google Search Console
There is not much left in the old Google Search Console at this point. Read more

Google Ads Keyword Planner gets new (and old) features
Seed your keyword ideas with more terms, add keywords to existing campaigns and more. Read more

7 easy ways to multiply your conversions
Personalize your marketing with dynamic content. Read more

Bing Ads Custom Audiences now available in most markets
Retarget your customer lists by connecting Bing Ads to your DMP. Read more

My top 10 favorite things about the new Google Ads Editor
AdWords Editor has historically been one of Google’s most popular advertising products. Read more

Editor gets the Google Ads treatment: Google Ads Editor 1.0 out now
The new Google Ads Editor v. 1.0 has new look and new capabilities. Read more

From Marketing Land

The secret formula for determining a marketing budget
Balancing tools, time and resources to hit the magic number. Read more

How TikTok and Spotify could win through location-based marketing
There are many opportunities for apps and businesses to collaborate on co-branded experiences tied to brick-and-mortar locations. Read more

Here are 6 ways to build a customer-centric and data-driven culture
Delivering customer growth and value starts with creating a culture of learning. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Algorithm Update Fluctuations From March 20th to 22nd
As you know, we had a pretty big Google update that Google confirmed as a core update on March 12th. Read more

An Active XML Sitemap That Errors Out Won’t Slow Google’s Crawl
Martin MacDonald asked Google’s John Mueller if Google’s crawl behavior might change if an active XML sitemap begins to error out. John said it shouldn’t. Read more

Google Image Search Tests Article Slide In Feature
Here is a new test spotted by Jose Varghese on Twitter where Google Image search is letting you drag up the article an image is sourced from. Read more

Revealing The Google March 2019 Core Update Survey Results
About ten days ago we began collecting data from you all around the Google March 2019 core update that touched down on March 12th. Read more

Google: Accents In URLs Work Fine For Google
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that having URLs with accents are perfectly fine for Google. John said “Accents in URLs are no problem — feel free to use them.” Read more

Having Both Mobile URLs & Responsive Design Can Confuse Google
Google’s John Mueller said that if you have a web site that deploys both a separate mobile URL and also has a responsive design, it can lead to confusing Google. Read more

Google: Schema Still Not Required For Featured Snippets
Google’s John Mueller said once again that schema is not required for having featured snippets. Read more

Google AMP & Mobile Friendly Tests Adds Code Editing
Yesterday Google added the ability to edit code inline within both the AMP test and the mobile-friendly test. Read more

Google Search Ranking Update On March 26th?
There is some early chatter of a possible Google search algorithm update touching down last night and this morning, March 26th and March 27th. Read more

Google: Premier Partners Get No Special Treatment To Core Search
This may or may not be obvious but Google Partners have no special access to organic search in Google. Read more

Google Ads Keyword Planner Adds Features
Google Ads is adding a bunch of new features to their keyword planner tool. Read more

Google: It Is Okay To Redirect Lower Quality Content Pages To Better Pages
Google’s John Mueller said in a video hangout the other day at the 50 minute mark that redirecting a low quality page to a higher quality page won’t hurt the higher quality page. Read more

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