3 Aug | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

How to use SEO for big ROI during back-to-school and other sales events
How to use SEO and content campaigns to boost revenue before, during and after major sales events. Read more

7 easy ways to multiply your conversions
Ask marketers what their goals are, and one of the first things they will say is to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers. This isn’t a goal aimed solely at increasing conversions; it’s also about meeting customers’ growing expectations. Read more

Report: Google mobile speed update has no impact on general mobile rankings
So far, the Google Speed Update algorithm has had no impact on rankings in the mobile search results, says one study. Read more

Google Ads intros new URL parameter options ahead of parallel tracking deadline
The deadline to migrate to parallel tracking is October 30, 2018. Read more

Bing Ads rolls out Target CPA & Maximize Conversions bidding strategies
A campaign only needs a minimum of 15 conversions within the past 30 days to be eligible for either of the new bidding strategies. Read more

Google search adds dataset schema support to search results
Data nuts, here is your chance to get your data and charts looking pretty in the Google search results snippets. Read more

Google adds deep breathing exercises to search results
Google wants their searchers to take a breather with this new relaxing search result. Read more

The ultimate guide to HTTP status codes and headers for SEO
Do you understand how HTTP protocol works and the impact it has on crawling and indexing web pages? No? Read more

Bing Maps adds build and share your itinerary
Now in the US and the UK, you can plan your trips using Bing Maps with predefined itineraries that can be customized. Read more

Google confirms broad search algorithm update is rolling out
There is no “fix” if your website was hurt by this last Google update, Google says. But at least you know there was indeed a Google update that may have impacted your website in a good or bad way. Read more

Survey: SEO rated the ‘least popular digital marketing channel’
Only 44% of businesses said SEO was a part of their digital strategy. Read more

Rebranding your local business? Don’t start without reading these tips
Rebranding an established business is not easy especially for small businesses. Here are 6 marketing and local search tips to help make the process a success. Read more

Google Post Insights shows you how well your Google Posts are performing
Now you can see how well, or poorly, your Google My Business Posts are doing in search and Google Maps. Read more

From Marketing Land

As Facebook user and revenue growth slows in Q2, advertisers are still on board
The company is betting on Stories ads and says GDPR impact on user growth was in line with expectations. Read more

Snapchat launches ad marketplace for Discover partners & brings Commercials to Ads Manager
A select group of Snapchat’s Discover partners have been given access to Snap Private Marketplace, a beta program for publishers to monetize content. Read more

Twitter shares how it ranks search results after being accused of shadow banning accounts
The company confirmed it does not shadow ban accounts. There had been a problem, but it was isolated to its auto-suggestion feature for search. Read more

Facebook cuts off access to API platform for ‘hundreds of thousands’ of inactive apps
Facebook has removed access to its API platform for inactive apps and is now queueing up active apps to make sure all undergo the new review process. Read more

Facebook looks to monetize WhatsApp with new Business API & ads that open chats in the messaging app
The new Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp open a pre-filled chat so that users can easily message the business via the app. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Update, Quality Raters Guidelines, AdWords Now Google Ads & Speakable Markup
This week was pretty busy, we had an unconfirmed Google algorithm update. Google updated their search quality raters guidelines, removed them from being downloaded, added them back. Read more

Google Can Combine URLs Before Crawling
Google doesn’t want to list the same content in the search results for a single query. Read more

Google Ads Updates Landing Page Parameters Options
Google announced on Twitter yesterday that they have added “two changes to make it easier to specify landing page parameters. Read more

Google Assistant Smart Displays For Viewing, Not Just Listening
Last week, Google introduced smart display support for the Google Assistant. Read more

Google: Clear Content Structure Helps But If Done Wrong, Won’t Hurt
Here is John Mueller from Google saying that if you have your content structure out of order, it won’t hurt you but having it in order can help you. Read more

SEO Tip: Don’t Do As Google Does, Do As They Say
Just because Google sets up a subfolder over a subdomain or uses a 302 redirect over a 301 redirect – it doesn’t mean Google made that decision for SEO reasons. Read more

Google: We Don’t Understand Regions; We Do Understand Countries & Metros
Google has confirmed that when it comes to hreflang annotations, they support it for countries and not regions. Read more

Bing Webmaster Tools API Fixed After Almost A Month
After almost a month of the Bing Webmaster Tools API not returning results due to a technical glitch, Microsoft has just confirmed they fixed the issue. Read more

Google Local “You Recently Viewed” Search Panel
Google is now showing you a personalized search carousel for recently viewed vacation destinations in Google search. Read more

Google Search Algorithm August 1st Update Rolling Out Now; Might Be A Big One
Google may have done a large algorithm update, impacting the search results. The SEO community is currently chatting about the results and bracing for the impact on business. Read more

Google Datasets Schema Now Live In Search Results
Google launched datasets schema in the search results, which now enables them to show pretty charts and tables of data right in the Google snippets. Read more

Google Posts Insights Announced
Google Posts has announced new insights, or analytics, to see how well your Google Posts are doing in search and Google Maps. Read more

Google Tests Image Icons In Related Searches
Google is testing showing image icons in the related search box. Read more

What Google & SEOs Are Saying On The August 1st Algorithm Update
Here is a recap of how Google and SEOs are talking about the big Google broad core algorithm update on August 1st. Read more

Google Tests Top Stories Box Design With Images
Google is testing showing images in the top stories list view. Read more

Google Now Recommends Date Published & Modified Structured Data To Non-AMP Articles
Google is now recommending publishers add datePublished and dateModified to non-AMP Article pages. Read more

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