30 Mar | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

8 types of negative reviews Google will remove
Is someone getting back at your company by leaving negative reviews? Read more

5 easy but smart SEO wins to boost content and link-building efforts
Don’t ignore the basic, everyday technical SEO issues that pop up when marketing a website. Take care of the fundamentals and you’ll see better SEO results. Read more

To comply with GDPR, Google asks publishers to manage user-data consent for ad targeting in EU
Publishers are being asked to manage the consent process on behalf of Google. Read more

AdWords now shows ad version history
Compare old ad variations in the new AdWords interface. Read more

The new Google AdWords interface is coming soon. Are you ready?
Pros and cons of the new Google AdWords interface. Read more

Google begins rolling out mobile-first indexing to more sites
Sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing will be migrating over now, and Google will send notifications via Search Console. Read more

Bing ‘intelligent search’ capabilities continue to expand, include facts from multiple sources
Bing also shares more about the platform it built to power intelligent search. Read more

SEO for multi-language websites: How to speak your customers’ language
Combining international and multilingual SEO can get complicated. Details of using International SEO tactics and multi-language content on global websites. Read more

Why we need to fight fake reviews
As a business owner, are you tempted to slip in a few positive reviews since you think everyone is doing it? Read more

Bing begins removing sidebar text ads on desktop
Starting in the US, text ads will show only in the mainline at the top and bottom of search results pages. Read more

Hijacking Google search results for fun, not profit: UK SEO uncovers XML sitemap exploit in Google Search Console
SEO wins bug bounty from Vulnerability Reward Program, Google search team confirms the exploit no longer works. Read more

Google Maps adds 39 new languages supporting over 1B people
Google Maps now supports an additional estimated 1.25 billion people worldwide with new languages. Read more

To make every conversion count, count every conversion
Measuring conversions is critically important in digital marketing. Why sitewide tagging is crucial to making every conversion count. Read more

You can now add your business description in Google My Business
Add a business description to your local knowledge panel in Google My Business. Read more

Bing Ads Editor getting support for account level ad extensions
Initial support is limited to callout extensions. Read more

Delivering optimized media-rich content for mobile
We all know the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” meaning that a complex idea can be conveyed in just one image. Read more

No search volume? No problem! 3 ways to improve low-traffic AdWords campaigns
You need to get scrappy and find ways to make the most of traffic you have access to instead of trying to adhere to high-traffic “best practices.” Read more

Bing Ads brand CPC taking the elevator — up
Looking for options to hold down brand CPC on Bing Ads? Read more

Compare 16 leading SEO platforms
SEO software comes in many shapes and sizes, from rank-checking tools and keyword research toolsets to full-service solutions that manage keywords, links, competitive intelligence, international rankings, social signal integration and workflow rights and roles. How do you decide which one is right for your organization? Read more

From Marketing Land

Why marketers finally stopped talking about ABM (and started practicing it)
The trends driving marketers to turn their attention to the nuts and bolts of implementing account-based marketing. Read more

Brands strive for authenticity as audiences turn a skeptical eye toward ads
Brands attempting to be “real” and “human” often make missteps that get them in trouble. Read more

Snapchat bulks up location-based ad targeting & launches in-store analytics tool
Advertisers can now target ads based on a radius around a specific geographic point, or a location type — like a beach, movie theatre, or university. Read more

Facebook quietly removes ad filter to target users based on their relationship preferences
A Facebook executive says the decision to remove the “interested in” filter from its ad platform was based on feedback from outside experts. Read more

Forecast: Digital advertising pulling away from TV on global basis
By 2020, digital advertising to command 44.6 percent of total ad revenue. Read more

Tips for measuring marketing impact to prove ROI
How to align your systems so that you can track prospects’ interactions all the way to the sale and beyond. Read more

Facebook’s local news prioritization in News Feed now rolling out globally
Users across all locations and languages may now be seeing more localized news in their Facebook News Feed. Read more

Unleash the power of 1st and 3rd party data
First-party data is a marketer’s most valuable data asset, but effective marketing strategies require more. Read more

Instagram makes Stories advertising easier with automatic full-screen support
No full-screen vertical content? No problem! Instagram will automatically make full-screen creative for Stories on the fly. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Only Clicks To Your Web Site Are Tracked In Google Search Console
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that the Google Search Console search analytics report only tracks clicks as clicks when the user clicks on something in the search results that leads you directly to your web site. Read more

What Does Google Internally Calls The Search Results Page?
During this whole zero results and no search results on the search results page, I asked Danny Sullivan if Google still calls a search that leads to zero search results the search results page. Read more

Google My Business Won’t Notify You For Non-Sensitive Secondary Business Changes
Allyson Wright, Community Manager, Google My Business, wrote in the Google My Business Help forums that in order to send less notifications to business owners and Google My Business profile changes. Read more

Google Tests More Results Button Again
Back in July 2017 and December 2017 Google testing showing fewer results on the search results page with variations of a button that says “more results” and so on. Read more

Google Site Command With Hour Filter Not Working
If you go to Google on desktop or mobile and put in a site command and filter the results to only show search results within the past hour, Google will return no results. Read more

Google Announced The New Keyword Planner Tool
A month ago we reported about the new redesigned keyword planner tool which was put into the new Google AdWords experience and look and feel. Read more

Google Emails AdSense & Others Their Responsibilities With GDPR
GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is a huge deal for most businesses, whether they know it or not. In short, it is the new regulations and privacy and security regulations that businesses need to take to protect EU citizen data. Read more

Google Begins Rolling Out Mobile-First Indexing; Few Notice
Google announced yesterday that they are now rolling out mobile-first indexing to sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing. Read more

Google Partner Search, Insights & Leads Going Away
Google sent emails to their Google Partners that changes are happening in April 2018. Specifically, Google is killing off some important features for Google Partners including dropping Google Partner Search. Read more

Google Tests Expandable Sitelinks With Snippet Teasers
We have seen many variations of expandable sitelinks over the past with our Google Sitelinks coverage, but here is a new one. Read more

Google Having Indexing Issues, Not Indexing Some New URLs Within Days
For the past couple of weeks I’ve been noticing an uptick in complaints that Google is not indexing new URLs on their web sites. Read more

Google’s Mobile First Indexing Is Unrelated To Weekend Algorithm Update
Yesterday during the video hangout with Google’s John Mueller I asked if the mobile first indexing rollout was at all related to what folks were seeing with this past weekend’s Google algorithm update. Read more

Bing Adds More Intelligent Search Features
Bing announced this week that they launched new intelligent search features. Here is a quick run down on those features. Read more

Google Posts Tests New Creating Posts Layout
Colan Nieslen posted on Twitter something that most people in the local space wouldn’t even notice, a redesign to the Google Posts creation tool within Google My Business. Read more

Google March 28th Algorithm Ranking Update?
There may have been another update late March 27th, mostly on March 28th and through today, with the Google search rankings. I am seeing an uptick in chatter from the SEO community. Read more

Google Has No Reset Button For A Penalized Site
John Mueller of Google answered another question on Reddit around a site that has a legacy Google spam penalty and the site simply won’t recover, even after a lot of effort. Read more

Google Search Needs A/B Testing Guidelines
For years we’ve been covering questions around how to deal with A/B testing and Google indexing/crawling. Read more

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