5 Apr | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google testing new search menu with icons for maps, news, shopping and more
Company adds new icons next to results categories. Do you see them? Read more

How to conduct a content migration audit
This script emulates standard delivery but allows you to turn certain keywords on or off depending on whether you’re on track to hit your budget. Read more

Google Ads API v1_1 out: Update client libraries for new features
The latest version incorporates new features for ads, conversions, reporting as well as Hotel Ads, App campaigns and more. Read more

Google warns SEOs to expect increases in issues in Search Console enhancement reports
Don’t panic if you see new issues and spikes in errors in the Google Search Console enhancement reports. Read more

Bing Ads launches new action extensions to highlight calls-to-action
Actions extensions take a page from display and social media ads with prominent calls-to-action. Read more

Google data shows Page Speed update resulted in 15-20% speed increases among slower sites
Webmasters, developers, SEOs and site owners took notice and the results are in: The web is faster, according to Google. Read more

Google: De-indexing problem now fixed, result of ‘technical issue’
Site owners who saw large percentages of pages no longer show as indexed in Google Search Console should now see the problem resolved. Read more

Here’s how to use Google Tag Manager’s new Trigger Groups
This update offers a new way to manage how often, and under what circumstances, a tag will fire in GTM. Read more

‘Google Guarantee’ local listings appearing in Google Home results
The Google Guarantee has been associated with Local Services ads, but the two programs are technically distinct. Read more

From Marketing Land

Pump up the power of your display ads
Combining native formats, audience targeting and AI can become an effective tool for achieving conversions with display ads when combined with search campaigns. Read more

What counts as a video view? A refresher on how social platforms calculate video ad views
The major social networks don’t agree on how to count video views; here’s a rundown of the sometimes slippery metric. Read more

First-party hygiene: Facebook shows users when a Custom Audience list was uploaded
The “Why am I seeing this ad?” notification will also name any agencies or marketing partners that worked with the advertiser to create the ad. Read more

Snapchat announces new features geared at creativity, collaboration, partner advertising
Highlights from the first Snap Partner Summit include new AR experiences, upgrades to the company’s Lens Studio, a robust scanning feature for dynamic objects, improved Snap Kit capabilities for partners and third-party apps, and more. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Tests Adding Icons Back To The Search Bar Filters
Google is testing showing icons in the search bar filters next to the all, news, maps, images, shopping and other buttons. Read more

Google Launches Google Ads Editor v.1 Replacing AdWords Editor
Google has launched the new Google Ads Editor to replace the AdWords Editor. This comes well after Google rebranded AdWords to Google Ads. Read more

Google: Long Term Plan You Should Switch To Domain Properties & Drop Other Forms
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter a good long term plan for those who have verified properties in Google Search Console is to drop the individual property verification methods and just go with the domain properties method, where everything is combined across most canonicals. Read more

Google to retire the info: command, adds canonical information to URL Inspection Tool
Google URL inspection tool now shows the Google discovered canonical URL. Read more

Very Few Features Left In The Old Google Search Console
The old Google Search Console seems to be holding on for dear life right now. There are only a handful of features left in the tool that remain, including Data Highlighter, International Targeting, Remove URLs, Crawl Stats, robots.txt Tester and URL Parameters. Read more

Google Ranking Update Fluctuations Continue (3/29-4/1)
These fluctuations won’t die down, it seems like we’ve been reporting these tremors and fluctuations a lot since the beginning of the year and even more so since the release of the March 12th core update. Read more

Google: Links Not Shown In Search Console Are Generally Irrelevant
Google’s John Mueller was answering questions around an old topic of Google showing only a sample of links in the link report in Google Search Console.Read more

You Got Work To Do If Robotted Out Pages Is Out Ranking Your Content In Google
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that if your content on your site is being outranked by robotted out pages, then you got work to do. Read more

Why Moz Didn’t Publish On The March 2019 Google Core Update
Most of the data toolsets published some analysis around the March 2019 Google core update that took place on March 12th but not Moz. Read more

Google’s Ranking Algorithm Allows SEOs To Be Unique
Google’s John Mueller responded to a Reddit thread where the webmaster didn’t understand why a competitor of his was outranking his site. Read more

Google To Close Old Search Console By Years End?
Google’s John Mueller hosted a 100 or so person pre-SMX Munich talk with SEOs and developers the other day. Read more

Google Knows When Its New Web Rendering Engine Will Be Released But Won’t Say
For a long time now, Google has been teasing that they are working on closing the gap between how Chrome renders pages and how GoogleBot renders pages. Read more

Google Explains 301 Redirects Are Not Links But…
Google’s John Mueller said that while 301 redirects are not seen by Google as links, the links pointing to the redirected page can pass through to the destination page. Read more

Google Trick For Sites Not Ready To Be Listed In Google
I’ll start off by saying I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a trick but John Mueller of Google called it a trick. If your site gets indexed and ranks in Google but you aren’t ready for that to happen, you can use the site-removal tool in Search Console to remove it and then cancel that request when you are ready to have it show back up in Google. Read more

Google Search Console Enhancement Reports Data Change
Google posted on the data anomalies page for the Search Console tool that “for most enhancement reports, data is now being collected from more pages than previously reported. Read more

April 2019 Google Webmaster Report
This may have been one of the busiest months for Google SEO related topics we’ve seen maybe ever? Read more

Google Image Search Tests New Preview Screen Again
Google is once again testing a new user interface for the image search preview image window. Read more

A New Google Useragent google-Read-Aloud?
I am seeing some webmasters and SEOs pick up on a new useragent potentially from Google named google-Read-Aloud. Read more

Google Is Dropping Pages Out Of The Search Index; A Bug?
Something weird is going on with the Google search index. I am seeing wide spread reports of SEOs and webmasters complaining that their URLs and web pages are being removed from the Google Index. Read more

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