6 Apr | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

UK webmasters prepare for #Brexit – the EU is coming for your .eu domains
You may want to consider migrating to a new domain now, so you can set up your redirects and new marketing push a year in advance. Read more

Mobile speed case studies: Push for faster page loads
If you are not feeling the need for speed, don’t be surprised if your site stalls. Read more

7 ways to increase mobile engagement
The mobile search economy continues to explode. Several messaging and alternative marketing strategies to improve your mobile conversion rates. Read more

Google’s AMP Project announces new consent component ahead of GDPR compliance deadline
Development of a new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) component enabling publishers to acquire user consent is underway and accepting comments. Read more

How to use the Knowledge Graph for higher rankings
Looking into the content displayed in a knowledge card and using what you find to develop a smart and targeted content marketing campaign for your website. Read more

Google local knowledge panel profile images are not loading in search
Broken images in the local Google results seem to be caused by a bug. Read more

Bing Ads launches price extensions
Price extensions are available in the US and rolling out to international markets this month. Read more

Google patent on related entities and what it means for SEO
Key points from a newly awarded Google patent on related entities and points out the ranking benefits of strengthening entity associations in your SEO and link-building efforts. Read more

From Marketing Land

Reaction: Advertisers cautiously optimistic after Facebook says it’s pulling third-party targeting data
The change signals a new phase for the social giant and its advertisers as regulation pressures mount. Read more

Facebook expands A/B ad-testing capabilities & adds reporting features
Advertisers will now have more ways to test ads and a new dashboard to track split-test KPIs. Read more

What mobile marketers really need to know about deep linking
The benefits of deep linking and expresses surprise that the tactic is so infrequently used. Read more

Smart marketing still hinges on humanity, not technology
As exciting as technological developments may be, marketers to keep their eyes on their customers. Read more

Facebook now displaying related stories & share info for articles as part of ongoing News Feed test
Facebook’s News Feed test, launched last October, expands to give users more context around news headlines. Read more

Pinterest reports 50% gain YoY in SMB advertisers
On the one-year anniversary of its Pinterest Propel ad program, the site shared ad stats and announced a new head of SMB. Read more

Facebook updates terms and data collection policy to be more ‘clear’
While intended to make data collection policies easier to understand, it’s not clear how many users will take time to read and understand them. Read more

Facebook is now giving users the option to remove apps in bulk
The new feature is another action Facebook is taking to safeguard user privacy. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Mobile First Indexing Release, Algorithm Updates, Bing Search & More
This week was pretty hectic in the search world. Google announced they are beginning to roll out the mobile first indexing process. Read more

Google SEO Snippets Video: URL Endings Or Extensions Don’t Matter
In yet another SEO Snippets video John Mueller of Google addresses another basic SEO question, around how you end your URLs, what extension you use. Read more

Google Image Search Exact Size Filter To Be Fixed
If you go to Google Image search and search for any image, let’s say flowers, and then go to the search tools and select the size option. Read more

Google Has No Code To Text Ratio Ranking Algorithm
Does Google’s ranking algorithms look at the code to text ratio on your web pages? The quick answer is no and it is one of those old SEO questions people have been asking. Read more

Google Still Plans On Deprecating AJAX Crawling Scheme
Google’s 2009 AJAX crawling scheme solution is still alive today even though Google killed it off in 2015 and then warned SEOs and webmasters to stop using it last year. Read more

Google Tests Yellow Map Pin In Search Results Snippets?
Aaron Dicks posted a screen shot on Twitter of a weird Google search result snippet, it shows a yellow map icon/pin in the mobile search results snippets. Read more

More Local SEOs Seeing Google My Business Services Edit Feature
About a year ago, Mike Blumenthal covered how Google added a product and services link to edit what people see in your local knowledge panel around the products and services you sell. Read more

Google: Structured Data Doesn’t Give You A Ranking Boost But Can Help Rankings
John Mueller of Google said on Twitter yesterday that although structured data, by itself, does not give you a ranking boost, it can help Google understand your content and thus help you rank in Google. Read more

Google: Index Status & Index Coverage Reports Are Compiled Slightly Differently
Google’s John Mueller said in a Reddit thread that while the index status report in the old Google Search Console and index coverage report in the new Google Search Console are the same. Read more

April 2018 Google Webmaster Report
A core algorithm update, the mobile-first indexing rollout begins, zero search results tested, image search captions. Read more

Google SEO Snippets Video: Multiple Sitemap Files
Here is another SEO Snippets video, this one on the basic topic of submitting more than 50,000 URLs via your sitemap file to Google. Read more

SEO: Does Google Treat Content With Quotes Or Brackets Differently?
So let’s say you are a big fan of writing content with quotes or brackets but all of a sudden you learn about this thing called SEO [search engine optimization] and you become paranoid that your “SEO” won’t be “optimal” if you use brackets a lot of quotes or brackets. Read more

Google Uses Many Signals To Know What & If To Show Dates In Search Snippets
We’ve have our issues with Google showing the wrong date or false dates in the search results snippets. Read more

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