Google says we don’t need no stinking location modifiers… or do we?

Google recently stated that users are beginning to drop location qualifiers when searching for local businesses. But is it time for local SEOs to stop focusing on these terms? Read more

From Search Engine Land

Alexa and Cortana will soon work together, allowing each to access the other
You’ll soon be able to ask Alexa to “open Cortana” and vice versa. Read more

Advanced budget management made easy with scripts
Budgets can be a real pain point for PPC advertisers, especially when allocating that budget over multiple campaigns. Luckily, this article has a few AdWords scripts that can help you manage your monthly budgets more effectively. Read more

Google Maps Android app adds ‘find parking’ feature to show you nearest parking garage
Starting today, Google Maps users can tap the “find parking” button on the Android app to see a list of parking garages and lots – currently only available in 25 US cities. Read more

Your account structure might be hurting performance. Here’s why (and how to fix it)
Oversegmentation is often the enemy of automation. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson talks about how a fussy account structure can tank AdWords performance. Read more

From Marketing Land

What YouTube’s upcoming swipe-next gesture may mean for advertisers
If YouTube inserts ads between videos instead of attaching them to individual videos, would that appease advertisers concerned with how they are associated? Read more

GroupM sheds light on its updated viewability standards for display & video ads
The updates come, in part, in response to speedy scrolling habits on mobile, but they also highlight tensions arising on the video front. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Console Data Up To Date Again
The Google Search Console Search Analytics reports are now back up to date with their normal two or so delay period. For the past 15 days or so, it was about a week delayed. Read more

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