Moving to HTTPS? Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Google recently announced that forms on web pages over HTTP will be marked as ‘not secure’ in Chrome starting this month. Here they believe this presents a good opportunity to make the switch to HTTPS — and that webmasters can take advantage of this switch to implement other SEO improvements. Read more

From Search Engine Land

Google adds structured data for subscription & paywalled content for new flexible sampling program
Excited for the new flexible sampling program for Google web search and Google News? Well, make sure you don’t get in trouble for cloaking by using this new structured data. Read more

From Marketing Land

Should marketing emails use a ‘no-reply’ email address?
Don’t send the wrong message to your customers. This article explains why using ‘do-not-reply’ or ‘no-reply’ in your email sending address is a bad idea. Read more


From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: No Changes On Use Of Image Meta Data In Search
Back in 2014, Matt Cutts formerly of Google talked about meta data in images and basically said they reserve the right to use it, that Google is able to parse it out but did not comment if they use it for rankings or display or both. Read more

Different Title Tags To GoogleBot & GoogleBot Mobile
What if you serve GoogleBot one title tag and GoogleBot Mobile a different title tags/attributes? Google’s John Mueller said that Google would likely just ignore it. Read more

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