Google Attribution: Is Google stepping in because no one else would?

Advertisers would love to see unbiased attribution measurement that unifies channel reporting and moves beyond the last-click attribution model, but is Google Attribution the answer? Read more

From Search Engine Land

Google has invited more beta testers to the new Google Search Console
Were you invited to try out the new Google Search Console beta? Google just sent out new invites yesterday. Read more

6 things you need to know about Google’s Q&A feature on Google Maps
Noticed the new ‘questions & answers’ section in Google Maps app listings? Read more

From Marketing Land

Instagram starts testing Facebook’s app-like Canvas ads within Stories feed
Last year, Facebook said it would bring the immersive ad format to Instagram. Now it’s beginning to do so. Read more

A brief history of customer loyalty
From the early days of 18th century loyalty programs, techniques to improve customer loyalty have considerably evolved. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: We Don’t Rank Big Or Large Sites Better
While most SEOs believe larger sites rank better in Google, John Mueller of Google said on Twitter that is not by design. Read more

Google: Just Because You’re Not Spamming, Doesn’t Mean You Should Rank #1
Just because you are a good player, play by the rules, you are an SEO angel – it does not mean you should rank number one or very well in the search results for whatever you want. Read more

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