1 Dec | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google warns webmasters not to use misleading event markup
Google can penalize your website if you use event markup in a misleading manner. Read more

Google showing knowledge graph data in local panels
Google is merging the local panel and knowledge graph panels into one for some searches related to big companies with many local venues. Read more

How your website redesign can sabotage your paid search efforts
Relaunching a website can be very exciting for a business, but without careful planning, a redesign can damage your PPC program. Read more

2-step methodology for dealing with PPC performance downturns
What happens when your paid search campaigns are experiencing a sudden and unexpected performance drop? Read more

Coming to terms with fake reviews
In the same way that Google considers some forms of SEO to be unacceptable, they and other review sites dislike any reviews that aren’t organic — yet fake reviews are still prevalent. Read more

Google Trends now shows data for YouTube search, Google Shopping, News search & Image search
Google says it aims to open up more data to show what’s being searched around the world. Read more

Google launches new Google Finance features in search and drops the portfolio feature
Check out the new Google Finance, which means many will lose the “portfolio” feature in the old Google Finance. Read more

The changing SERP: Understanding and adapting to dynamic search results
Search results have become more personalized and dynamic over the years, creating a more challenging SEO environment for search and content marketers. Read more

SEO SWOT Analysis: Focus your efforts in areas that deliver results
Wondering where to start with your SEO strategy? How to identify your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to determine where best to direct your search marketing efforts. Read more

From Marketing Land

Tumblr founder David Karp steps down as CEO, COO Jeff D’Onofrio takes over
The microblogging platform’s business has struggled since selling to Yahoo in 2013. Read more

Facebook outlines its advertising principles to show it has them
After being criticized for the ways its ad platform can be misused, Facebook has responded by listing the principles governing its use. Read more

Facebook tests tool to make it easier for businesses to send message blasts on Messenger
Messenger Broadcast appears to be the self-serve version of Messenger’s Broadcast API that enables businesses to message multiple accounts. Read more

Why writing style matters for social and content marketing
When it comes to effective marketing, writing style matters — but many marketers ignore it. Read more

What Snapchat’s major redesign and algorithmic feed means for marketers
In a major overhaul, Snapchat will divide the app with friends on one side and everyone else, including brands’ organic Stories, on the other. Read more

Taking on the duopoly: What are the mobile advertising alternatives to Facebook and Google?
Facebook and Google are dominating mobile advertising, so what are marketers to do? Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google: Anchor Text For Internal Links Do Matter
Some asked Google’s John Mueller if the anchor text you use for your internal links matter for Google. Read more

Google Local Pack Tests Showing Knowledge Panel Tabs
Google seems to be testing merging the local pack with knowledge panel data into tabs across the top of the local pack. Read more

Google: Most Websites Rank Without Any Link Building
Did you know that most websites listed and ranking on Google rank without building a single backlink. Read more

Google My Business Web Search Dashboard Now Ask You To Create Ads
Sergey Alakov spotted that the Google My Business web search dashboard that launched a couple months ago, now is asking businesses to create ads using AdWords Express. Read more

Google: Your Structured Data Should Match Visible Content
Google’s John Mueller said that if you implement structured data on a page, that structured data should match the content visible on your page. Read more

Google: Measure Page Speed To When Users Can Interact With Your Page
There are a lot of tools out there that measure your page speed, numerous tools from Google and many tools from third party developers. Read more

Google: Featured Snippets Are Not Losing Their Appeal
We recently reported about the changes in the featured snippets being shown in Google. Read more

Google Bug Removes Answers From The Local Q&A Feature
Brodie Clark from optimising.com.au has been tracking the local Q&A feature in depth and noticed the other day that many of his answers have gone missing. Read more

Google Tests Research Search Carousel
Google seems to be testing a new search feature that shows a “research” search carousel box in the search results for content around your query. Read more

Google Hreflang For Mobile First Index: Mobile to Mobile & Desktop to Desktop
John Mueller confirmed today on Twitter that Google’s advice around hreflang implementing when it comes to when the mobile first index has been rolled out is to configure it as a “mobile-to-mobile & desktop-to-desktop. Read more

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