8 Dec | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google brings local lead generation to Google Assistant and Google Home
The company taps HomeAdvisor and Porch to provide local contractors through a multistep voice-driven interaction. Read more

Google officially increases length of snippets in search results
Company says change is meant to provide more descriptive snippets. Read more

Google Local Questions & Answers now rolling out to desktop search
Searchers and businesses can now search on desktop to add questions and answers to the new Google Q&A feature. Read more

Google facing $1 billion in potential liability with UK class action
The case stems from bypassing the cookie-blocking settings on the iPhone’s Safari browser, in 2012. Read more

Google will stop using the old AJAX crawling scheme in Q2 2018
Googlebot will render the #! URL directly, making it unnecessary for the website owner to provide a rendered version of the page. Read more

It’s time to change your SEO reports!
SEO reports are often really useful… for SEO professionals. If you want to truly prove the value of your services to your clients, you have to tie your reports directly to their bottom line. Read more

Top 10 local search insights of 2017
From location data to SEO, top 10 list of local search lessons learned in 2017. Read more

Google’s latest search updates brings more content to Featured Snippets & Knowledge Panel info
“Search is not just about answering your questions — it’s also about discovery,” writes Google product manager Michael Galvez. Read more

Twitter broadens its AMP support to include analytics
Twitter says the new AMP analytics feature will help distinguish page views happening on Twitter versus organic page views. Read more

From Marketing Land

Does your company need a call analytics platform?
Call analytics can play a vital role in establishing the relationship between online and offline marketing channels. Read more

Marketing in a distracted, digital world
New market conditions call for new marketing strategies. Read more

Instagram now lets brands feature Stories Highlights on their profile pages
Instagram will also now automatically save Story posts, which can later be added to a Story Highlights collection. Read more

Bounce rate: Important metric or junk data?
For a lot of organizations, bounce rate is a meaningless part of reported KPIs. How you can put bounce rate into context to give it greater meaning. Read more

4 ways retailer-brand relationships will change in 2018
Look at four trends taking shape for 2018 that will help brands and retailers collaborate to improve the digital shopping experience. Read more

Align your marketing org in 2018 with intelligent and integrated marketing campaigns
Integrated marketing campaigns may seem old-school, but why they’re essential for marketers who want to keep their marketing departments agile and efficient. Read more

The most-watched ad on YouTube in 2017 was a spot from Samsung India Services
YouTube shares its most-watched ads and top-trending videos for 2017. Read more

Why your end-of-year marketing strategy should focus on repurposing and re-engagement
The year 2017 may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should. Benefits of repurposing content during these last few weeks of the year. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Matt Cutts Dislikes How Google Links To Search Results
Matt Cutts, former Google executive and star amongst the SEO community, posted on Google+ how he is not happy with how Google is linking to the “10 blue links,” the core Google search results. Read more

Matt Cutts Wanted Google To Treat URL Underscores As Separators
Last night, former Google executive said on Twitter that he tried to get the Google engineers to treat underscores in the URLs as separators, just like how they used hyphens as separators in the URLs. Read more

Google Assistant Helps You Find Local Service Providers: Electrician, Plumber, Cleaner, etc.
Google Assistant can now give you local results for service providers like electricians, plumbers, house cleaners and other local services you might need in your home or business. Read more

Google Shows Personal Search Filter Tab To Some Users
Eoghan O’Sullivan posted on Twitter that he is seeing the “personal” tab back in the Google search results, at least in his mobile Google search app. Read more

Google Extends Search Results Snippets To Max 320 Characters
Google has officially extended the search results snippets to a maximum character length of 320 characters. Read more

December 2017 Google Webmaster Report
This month, the big items are around two possible Google updates that went unconfirmed. Google did confirm they extended the snippets all the way to a max of 320 characters. Google also warned about two penalties. Read more

Google Adds To Featured Snippets: Images, Related Search & Content & People Relations
Google has added a bunch of features to the featured snippets, one we covered yesterday before the Google announcement. Read more

Google Hotel Price Slider Rolling Out On Desktop & Mobile
For months Google has been testing hotel price sliders on mobile and desktop. Read more

Google Tests Mobile Search Interface With Few Organic Results
Justin Briggs has been in this Google test bucket where he is seeing Google mobile search results with very few organic results, mostly two organic listings, sometimes up to five but never more. Read more

YouTube AdSense Reports Shows Zero Earnings For Many
Many Google AdSense publishers who use YouTube to earn their money are reporting that their performance reports in Google AdSense is showing zero earnings. Read more

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