10 Nov | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google News to deprecate old RSS feed URLs on December 1, 2017
Do you subscribe to Google News RSS feeds? Well, you may have noticed that they appear to be completely broken now. Read more

7 tips to ramp up your holiday advertising
Search marketers, are you ready for the holiday shopping season? Read more

Google Maps enables creating & sharing lists on desktop version
The feature, launched in February on Google Maps mobile versions, is now available on the desktop interface. Read more

SEO ranking factors for 4 business verticals and what they mean for local businesses
As organic search becomes ever more targeted, SEO is evolving in ways that require more customization. Read more

Target the right keywords — for Google AND your clients
The importance of educating your clients on different types of keywords and when to target them. Read more

Why real human users are the key to the best links for you
Overthinking metrics? Why real human users are the key to modern-day link awesomeness. Read more

Bing Ads now shows exact match impression share
The new data offers deeper insights into how ads are performing on exact match queries. Read more

Yelp increasingly cracking down on ‘review solicitation’ across the internet
The company wants to stop the practice of asking for customer reviews on its site, and third-party sites as well. Read more

Google adds wait times to local results in search and maps
Hate waiting for your seat in a restaurant? Now Google can tell you the current wait time before you go. Read more

Survey: 79 percent of consumers believe they’ve seen fake local reviews
Almost 75 percent also said they had been asked to leave a review. Read more

Google changes info command search operator, dropping useful links
The info search operator is the latest Google search feature to have changed, possibly for the worse. Read more

Local SEO: Driving customer actions for enterprise-level brands
Multilocation businesses face some unique challenges in today’s local search landscape, but they can succeed by finding the right balance between centralized data management and localized content production. Read more

Google adds new knowledge panel to provide information about news publishers
In an effort to combat fake news and equip searchers with more data about news sources, Google has released a new publisher knowledge graph. Read more

Choosing a call analytics platform
Compare 12 leading vendors and get recommended steps for evaluating. Read more

From Marketing Land

Facebook rolls out polls for Pages across desktop, mobile
Polling allows brands to solicit feedback from their followers and Facebook to collect more data about people’s interests. Read more

The A-Z guide to influencer marketing
What does successful influencer marketing look like, and how is it accomplished? Read more

Why agency communication needs to pivot from reporting to analysis (and how)
How can you prove your value to clients? Agencies need to move away from being number-crunchers and instead focus on putting the information into context for clients. Read more

3 strategies for maximizing your website UX
How can you foster a positive user experience on your website, and why does this matter? Read more

Facebook’s ad revenue tops $10.1B as ad prices soar to offset supply slowdown
What marketers need to know from Facebook’s Q3 2017 earnings report. Read more

Reddit updates self-serve ad-buying tool with conversion tracking, audience reporting
Reddit will tell brands how their ads performed with their target audiences and how many impressions led to site visits. Read more

Eager to embrace live video? Inspiration and tips on how to get started
How can you go live with confidence? Tthe strategy and tools you’ll need to make sure you don’t look like an amateur. Read more

Instagram opens sponsor-tagging tool to more creators, adds monitoring system
Instagram will prompt creators to add “Paid Partnership with” labels when required. Read more

Salesforce announces data integrations with Google Analytics 360
A new partnership helps marketers connect online and offline data and create audiences for ad targeting. Read more

Instagram removes 24-hour recency requirement for photos, videos posted to Stories
Unlike with Snapchat’s Stories, with Instagram’s Stories people and brands can mask if a post is old. Read more

Twitter opens up $99 a month subscription ad program to more accounts
Twitter plans to eventually add more tiers to the ‘set it and forget it’ ad-buying program that’s initially aimed at accounts with small followings. Read more

Report: Mobile users start with social apps, then move on to browsers and search
More apps are being used per session, further fragmenting digital media time. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Mobile Design, Algorithm Update, Pruning Content & More
This week I published the monthly Google webmaster report, do check it out. There may have been a Google search algorithm update today. Google is rolling out the new mobile curved search results interface. Read more

November Google Algorithm Search Results Update?
I am seeing signs both within the search community and from the automated tracking tools of an update with Google’s search results going on right now. Read more

New Google Mobile Rounded Interface Rolling Out
The new Google mobile interface is rolling out now. It is curved and round. It is still card based but with more curb appeal. Read more

Google Info Command Stops Working Fully?
It looks like the info command on Google has changed what it shows in the search results. Instead of showing the page’s snippet followed by the cache, similar command, links and more. Read more

GoogleBot Crawls & Renders Tall, With 9000px High Viewport?
I saw an interesting tweet from Google’s John Mueller the other day, where he said that GoogleBot “renders with a very tall viewport, which skews some CSS (often images). Read more

Google: Few Strong Pages > Many Weak Ones
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that fewer strong pages is often better than having many weak pages. Read more

Google Suggests Both SEOs & Developers Are To Blame For Ego Fights
It is well known that when SEOs work with developers and when developers work with SEOs, sometimes often they don’t see eye to eye. Read more

Google: Links To Images Do Not Help Embedded Page Rank
An SEO asked Google’s John Mueller if links to a specific image file will help the page that image is embedded on rank better. So for example, if you link to the image URL above, but not to this specific page where the image is embedded on. Read more

Google Local Adds Wait Times For Some Venues
Google has added wait times for some local venues they show in web search and Google Maps. Read more

Google Tests PDF & File Type Label In Search Results Snippets
Google seems to be testing a file type label in the search results snippets. Read more

New Google My Business Selection Attributes For Business Descriptions
Google quietly announced on the new features page that they now support what they call “selection attributes.” Read more

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