13 Oct | Digital weekly roundup

Here is our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google announces AdWords daily budgets can overspend by 2x, automatically
While advertisers won’t be on the hook for overages, the real question is why are daily budgets still the only option? Read more

Visually understanding your site structure and external link weight impact
Looking for insights not easily gleaned through spreadsheets and raw data? Read more

Bing Ads rolling out Dynamic Search Ads to US and UK
Advertisers can now let the Bing Ads algorithm match user queries and generate their ads. Read more

5 ways to capitalize on Google Tag Manager
If you haven’t taken advantage of Google Tag Manager, now may be the time to get started. Read more

Local SEO: 7 Google My Business questions asked and answered
At first glance, Google’s offering for local businesses might appear fairly simple. But questions inevitably arise. Read more

Answer engine JustAnswer now uses bots to route questions to human experts
The use of bots to qualify questions or leads, which are then handed off to experts or reps, may be the optimal chatbot use case. Read more

Placed introduces offline attribution for paid search campaigns
An early test delivered 4x return on ad spend when store visits reported. Read more

The ever-increasing importance of usability and trust in link building
Sometimes link builders identifying promising sites think only in terms of metrics. Read more

Bing Ads launches automated bid strategy to ‘Maximize Clicks’
Bing Ads can now automatically manage keyword bids in an effort to generate the most clicks possible within a given budget. Read more

AdWords rolls out new interface to all advertisers
The new experience touts speed, upgraded visuals, more management tools. Read more

‘High-quality content’ tips from Google’s own style guides
To meet Google’s standards for content that deserves a high rank, this article suggests following the guidelines the search giant has set for its internal content creators. Read more

The AdWords 2x budget change: Considering the potential impact
There are still many questions about the impact of this sudden change. Here’s a look at several scenarios and changes advertisers might need to consider. Read more

Investors anxious about Google traffic acquisition costs, which regulation could further increase
Mobile fees and new regulatory moves could bump Google’s revenue costs. Read more

From Marketing Land

Facebook tests augmenting article links with publisher info from Wikipedia
Facebook will attach a button to article links that people can tap to get more context about the publisher and topic. Read more

The ABCs of improving email deliverability
How do you ensure your emails are reaching your recipients’ inboxes? Read more

How to build an audience of consumers in today’s highly competitive environment
Amid the super saturated digital advertising space, how can your brand break through? Read more

A Google Attribution (and Attribution 360) readiness checklist
With a full rollout of Google Attribution approaching, marketers need to be prepared to get the most out of Google’s attribution services. Read more

What email marketers should know about iOS 11
Just a few weeks after the official release of Apple’s iOS 11, this article discusses how marketers should respond to changes the new mobile operating system brings to the Mail app. Read more

4 myths about video social media marketing, debunked
Social video is here to stay, but sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Read more

Snapchat’s Context Cards turn Snaps into location-based search queries
For venues tagged in Snaps, people will be able to view the address on a map, book a reservation and hail a Lyft ride. Read more

How Facebook is connecting its 2D social network with the VR version
With 3D Posts, Facebook will bring VR objects into people’s news feeds in hopes of bringing more people into the virtual world. Read more

Why it pays to skip the form (and embrace chat)
Don’t force your audience to leap over hurdles to get the content they want. This article discusses the downsides of gated content and explains how chatbots can help. Read more

The new CMO role in digital commerce
In a shifting retail landscape, businesses are increasingly looking for CMOs with both leadership and digital commerce chops. Read more

Twitter announces what’s ‘Happening Now’ for sporting events, and plans for a bookmarking feature
Two helpful new features are making their way to a Twitter feed near you. One will help with cornering the real-time market, and the other will help with the overall user experience. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Algorithm & Ranking Update : October 7th – 9th
Looks like we had a Google algorithm update over the weekend, starting probably late Friday. Read more

Google Redesigning Flight Search Ads
Pete Meyers posted on Twitter that Google has a new look for the flight search ads results. Read more

Google Short Webmaster/SEO Question & Answer Videos
Matt Cutts, when at Google, provided these short videos answering one of questions around SEO topics. Read more

Google: Strongly Encourages Paywalled Content Markup With Flexible Sampling
A couple weeks ago, we reported how Google has done away with the first click free program and introduced something called flexible sampling. Read more

Google Mobile Ranking Search Update, Mobile First Index Related?
Google may have stepped up their mobile first index tests. Read more

Google Suggests They Use Off-Site Sentiment Analysis For Ranking
Gary Illyes from Google was quoted by several SEOs as saying at the State of Search event that Google uses a form of sentiment analysis for search rankings. Read more

How To Tell If Google Is Testing The Mobile First Index
The other day we reported that Google confirmed they are testing the mobile first index in the wild. Read more

Google: Penguin Is On Autopilot & Only Tweaked Occasionally
We kind of knew this that when Penguin went real time that it meant Google is done with numbered Penguin releases. Google’ Gary Illyes confirmed the other day at State of Search that the Penguin algorithm is still on autopilot and runs in real time by itself. Read more

Google: Featured Snippets Are Evolving & Changing
Gary Illyes said at the State of Search conference yesterday in his keynote that how featured snippets work, both in user interface and how they rank, is evolving. Read more

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