20 Oct | Digital weekly roundup

20 Oct | Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Using Google Customer Match to optimize PPC campaign performance
Learn how people-based marketing can improve the targeting, relevance, and results of your paid search campaigns. Read more

How to capture urgent leads with call-only ad extensions
Say more with your call-only ad copy! How you can leverage callout extensions to earn more calls from prospects in a pinch. Read more

Google now has 50M Local Guides adding content to Google Maps and Search
The number of Guides has grown by 10x in just one year. Read more

Facebook officially rolls out food ordering as part of longer-term commerce evolution
Facebook has been building a range of commerce tools and capabilities, many of which are directed at local and offline transactions. Read more

How machine learning levels the SERP playing field
How SEOs should be changing their practices to keep up with trends in the way Google evaluates web pages. Read more

Google Posts can now be automated with new API support
Google My Business API version 4.0 adds new features, including the ability to manage your Google Posts. Read more

Ignoring these 6 SEO strategies could come back to haunt you
Sure, they’re scary, but sometimes it’s worth putting on a brave front. Techniques that can yield sweet treats. Read more

Dealing with duplicate content
Of all of the possible SEO problems to tackle, duplicate content is one of the easiest. Learn why, and get the scoop on what you need to do. Read more

Bing Ads launches Multi-Linking for multiple-account management
Users can now link and unlink accounts within the platform more easily. Read more

Our ‘Ultimate Guide to Google Penalties’ launches today
Google penalty notifications – and how to respond to them – continue to be confounding issues for SEOs. Our new guide provides answers and guidance. Read more

AdWords adds ‘Days to Conversion’ segmentation for sales cycle insights
Advertisers can see how long it takes users to convert after clicking on an ad. Read more

From big to small: 5 free image compression tools reviewed
Want to improve your page load times? Image optimization is a great place to start! Here are five free image compression tools and notes their impact on page speed. Read more

Google Tag Manager now has a native scroll depth tracking plugin
The new feature lets site owners track vertical and horizontal scrolling on their website pages. Read more

New campaigns Overview tab rolling out in Bing Ads accounts
Offering a high-level, customizable view of advertiser accounts. Read more

Getting the most out of Google’s new sitelinks
Google updated the look of ad extensions back in August. How you can take full advantage of that refreshed look. Read more

From Marketing Land

Markets with home service ads: Service-area businesses are coming back to the local results
There’s good news and there’s bad news in the local service-area business space. Read more

Free, paid or gated content: Which option is right for you?
Once you’ve created a great piece of content, you’ll need to decide if you want to share it freely, charge for it or gate it in exchange for information. Tips to help you decide which route to go. Read more

Instagram redesigns call-to-action bar to dynamically mirror ads
By blending the bar with an ad’s photo or video, Instagram may be able to insert more ads in people’s feeds. Read more

5 things you’re doing that drive your freelance writers crazy
How do you cultivate a relationship with your freelance writers that will result in great content? Five things to avoid if you want to stay on a freelancer’s good side. Read more

Mobile devices offer special vulnerabilities to fraud
As the types of mobile devices grow, expect more kinds of mobile-specific fraud. Read more

Forget B2B and B2C; the future of marketing is P2P
Move over, B2B and B2C marketing. Marketers need to embrace person-to-person (P2P) marketing and connect with their customers on a human level. Read more

Facebook acquires teen-centric polling app tbh and all its valuable data
People provide tbh with data that Facebook could use to understand and target ads to teens that don’t use its social network. Read more

Apple’s move to kill cookies isn’t a crisis — It’s an opportunity
Apple’s cookie restrictions will encourage marketers to take a new approach to building customer data sets and identity, giving them a more holistic customer view. Read more

Twitter’s new Video Website Card ad format uses video to push link clicks
Tapping the ad on mobile will load the brand’s web page while continuing to play the video atop it. Read more

Should you connect with your clients across social platforms?
Connecting with clients on Facebook or Instagram can be a slippery slope. Why it’s better to keep your work and personal lives separate. Read more

Pinterest opens search ads to self-serve advertisers, adds ‘autotargeting’ option
In addition to making search ads available to all advertisers, Pinterest is adding an option to automatically target related pins. Read more

YouTube: We’ve manually reviewed 1M+ videos to improve brand safety processes
The company released an update this week outlining its efforts to restrict violent extremist videos on its site. Read more

How video makers are programming around Facebook’s ad breaks
Executives from Scripps Networks Interactive, Tastemade and Whistle Sports discuss how their videos accommodate Facebook’s mid-roll ads. Read more

Facebook officially launches Explore Feed on desktop to boost Pages’ posts
Facebook’s new feed offers Pages an opportunity to recoup lost organic reach. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Ranking Fair: Where Google Engineers Show Off Future Search Changes
So Danny Sullivan has only been at Google as an employee for a minute and already shared something I had no idea Google did. Read more

Google Says Change Of Address Tool Unnecessary For HTTPS Migrations
Since Google released their HTTPS ranking boost, SEOs and webmasters have been migrating their sites from HTTP to HTTPS. Read more

Google: Disabling Right Click & Content Selection Doesn’t Impact SEO
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that disabling the right click on your web pages and/or disabling the ability to select content on your web pages. Read more

New Google AdWords Design & Features Now Available To All
Google announced last week that the new AdWords interface, after years and years of testing and incremental rollouts is now available to all advertisers. Read more

Google: Avoid Changing Images URLs
Google’s John Mueller reminds webmasters on Twitter that when it comes to images, Google is slow at updating the URLs and changes. Read more

Google Tests New Desktop Sitelinks Format
Google seems to be testing a new look and user interface for the sitelinks in the Google search results snippets. Read more

Google Has Started The Mobile First Indexing, For Some Sites At Least
It has been just shy a year since Google first announced their mobile first index initiative, where they would crawl the web from a mobile perspective first. Read more

Google May Stop Crawling Old AJAX Scheme With Escape Fragment URLs Soon
Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout yesterday that soon enough Google may stop crawling and indexing that altogether. Read more

When Is Voice Query Data Coming To Google Search Analytics?
Four months ago, we reported that Google will be bringing voice query data to Search Analytics within the Google Search Console reporting engine. Read more

Google’s John Mueller Comments On PageRank For Internal Links
I am not sure what to make of John Mueller’s comments about PageRank related to using the old PageRank model for managing internal link structure. Read more

Google Shopping Ads Tests Popup Overlay In Search
Here is an interesting test, spotted by Maulik Panchal on Twitter of Google testing a new format for their shopping ads in search. Read more

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