26 Jan | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Website redesigns: How to retain and improve your SEO
How to make the most of your website redesign so that you not only preserve your SEO efforts but embrace the new opportunities that come with relaunching a site. Read more

Google adds keyword functionality to the AdWords app
Advertisers can make more on-the-go changes. Read more

The unique selling proposition: A key element for SEO success
What is a unique selling proposition (USP) is and why every indexable page on your site needs one. Read more

Will AMP improve your rankings? How to set up an AMP test
Wondering if AMP is worth the investment? This article walks through how to set up a test to determine what kind of boost, if any, you can expect from implementing AMP across your mobile site. Read more

Bing Hotel Ads moving out of beta to general release with Koddi
The release opens up another paid channel for hotel marketing. Read more

Google dropping Merchant Center feed integrations with BigCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop
Google’s direct upload support to end March 20, 2018. Read more

Pummeling users with Google remarketing ads they don’t want to see? Now they can mute those, too
Google announced more options for users to control the kinds of ads they see. Read more

Looking at marketing automation platforms? We compare 14 vendors
Virtually every marketing automation platform provides three core capabilities: email marketing, website visitor tracking and a central marketing database. Read more

FAQs on new Google Speed Update: AMP pages, Search Console notifications & desktop only pages
A page with AMP but a slow canonical URL will not be impacted by this update, assuming the AMP URL is not slow, Google told us. Read more

Google Questions and Answers: Everything you need to know
Looking to take advantage of this new Google My Business feature? Read more

Google Search Console’s remove URL report might not work for a short period of time
Trying to use the Google removal tool URL report? Be aware that Google is upgrading the report, so it may not be reporting properly at the moment. Read more

From Marketing Land

Why launching — or revamping — a customer loyalty program should be a top priority for retailers in 2018
Developing a top-notch customer loyalty program is hard — but it can deliver in spades. Read more

From transaction to companion: Engaging at each level of the consumer journey
The consumer journey doesn’t end at the point of purchase. Read more

Snapchat updates app install ads with quicker deep links, deeper analytics
Snapchat will automatically create the deep links for brands’ app install campaigns and give advertisers a fuller view of their ads’ performance. Read more

AdStage makes the shift from ad management to campaign analytics & automation platform
The company focuses on providing data from across paid channels to help revenue-generating marketers execute faster with better results. Read more

Reach score: A suggested standard for local marketing
Measuring reach for local events and nonprofits can be challenging. Read more

How to make the most of LinkedIn’s free Website Demographics
Looking to gain insights on the kinds of professionals who are visiting your website? Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Speed Update, Algorithm Shifts, Search Console Invites & AdSense Earnings
This week in search, Google announced an update named the Google Speed Update designed to downgrade the rankings of really slow mobile web pages. Read more

Google My Business Website (That No One Uses) Now Shows Google Posts
Remember Google launched their third attempt at offering small businesses an easy way to build a web site, this time in Google My Business last year. Read more

Google My Business Videos Uploads Fixed & Instantaneous
Over a week ago, Google enabled the ability to upload videos to local listings within Google My Business or the local listings photos section. Read more

Google Sub Carousels In People Also Search For
We have seen many many variations of the [people also search for] feature in Google for several years now. Read more

Google Search Console Beta Live For Everyone Now
Yesterday I broke the news at Search Engine Land that the new Google Search Console beta is live for everyone, even those who did not get the email notifications. Read more

SEO & Google Fight Over How Google Treats Subdomains vs Subdirectories
We are now off the 302 redirects fighting and now onto fighting about how Google handles subdirectories vs subdomains. Read more

Google: You Don’t Need To Submit URLs To Us Monthly
You really never have to submit URLs to Google to index, you can, but you don’t need to. The best bet is to make sure to have links to those URLs from pages Google already crawls and indexes. Read more

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