27 Oct | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google expanding Attribution beta to hundreds more advertisers
Google’s anticipated multi-channel attribution product is rolling out to more advertisers. Read more

A brief history of Google’s most important local search updates
How has Google’s local search changed throughout the years? Read more

Businesses can now sign up to add booking buttons to their Google local results
After many questions, Google finally adds a feature to let you easily add a ‘book online’ button to your local business on Google Maps or Google Search. Read more

19 technical SEO facts for beginners
Want to dip your toes into technical SEO? Read more

Google announces new online-to-offline features on the cusp of the holiday shopping season
Google’s focus on local search the past couple of years has some expecting local search traffic to play a heightened role for brick-and-mortar retailers this coming holiday. Read more

How to use long-tail keywords to build your short-tail rankings
Some SEO professionals may advise you not to bother chasing rankings for competitive keyword terms, but this article believes that you can build your authority for these keywords over time by focusing on the long tail. Read more

A bigger Bing for your buck
The rise of Bing Ads and offline ad tracking. Read more

SEO Ranking Factors in 2017: What’s Important and What’s Not
What are the most crucial search engine ranking factors these days? Panelists at SMX East discussed their findings and provided practical advice for putting this data into action. Read more

5 ways to sell more this holiday season with Google’s updates to shopping ads
Techniques to get the most out of your product listing ads by employing both new and often-overlooked features. Read more

Nofollow links are not useless: Earning them Is central to good SEO
Some SEOs discount nofollow links, but this article argues such an approach could result in many missed opportunities. Read more

Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO
Stumped by a technical SEO issue? Here are some tips and tricks to help you diagnose and solve some common problems. Read more

Google’s mobile-first index has rolled out for some sites & will be implemented very slowly
Gary Illyes from Google would not give us any timelines, but the rollout of the mobile-first index is going well, and a blog post about the process should be out soon. Read more

9 stories of great brands creating engaging content experiences
Get inspired by these stories from brands like FedEx, Centermark, Dell and more. Read more

From Marketing Land

Facebook tests web-based VR within News Feed posts
People can load and interact with VR experiences without leaving Facebook’s traditional social network. Read more

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) conquer the competition for shoe retailer
Accelerated Mobile Pages aren’t just for publishers! Here is an agency case study showing improved performance for local pages after implementing AMP. Read more

Testing shows e-commerce navigation doesn’t work the way we think it does
Test out ways to improve main navigation design and finds that before you completely overhaul your navigation scheme, you may want to try changing the words used. Read more

Facebook tests removing organic Page posts from News Feed
Pages’ unpaid posts will be limited to the new Explore Feed as part of the test. Read more

PayPal’s new Marketing Solutions tool sheds light on how shoppers use the online payment platform
The Marketing Solutions data set includes insight on things like mobile shopper numbers, big-ticket versus small-ticket purchases and more. Read more

4 steps to enhancing the customer experience with social media
Social media marketing isn’t just about winning followers. Here are some tips for improving customer service and delighting consumers publicly through your social channels. Read more

Facebook, Google and Apple are the top drivers of mobile app installs
Twitter was also among the top channels for app downloads. Read more

YouTube’s FameBit has a new sales boss, expanded platform post-acquisition
FameBit hires Google Preferred’s ex-boss as its sales chief as YouTube’s influencer marketing platform expands its work with brands and creators. Read more

Twitter will make its ads more transparent to brands, everyone else
Twitter will open an Advertising Transparency Center and has agreed to a Media Rating Council audit of its ad metrics. Read more

Let customers drive email’s cadence
Don’t annoy your subscribers with email overload. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Say Something Nice About An SEO/SEM
As time goes on, it is inevitable that we lose important people in the search industry – that is life. But too often we are too late to express our gratitude to those people during their living years. Read more

Google Tests Image Thumbnails In Search Results Snippets, Again
Google is once again testing image thumbnails in the search results snippets. Read more

Bing Ads Overview Tab Redesign
Bing Ads has revamped their overviews tab for advertisers in the ad platform console. Read more

Google AdWords Rolling Out Support For Parallel Tracking
Google announced they have begun rolling out support for what is called parallel tracking. Read more

Don’t Break The Google Guidelines Even If Someone Recommends You Do
Sometimes I don’t get how people can simply ask Google questions about how to spam Google. Read more

Google Disables AdSense Accounts: Bug Or Cleaning House?
There are many complaints in the Google AdSense Help forums of mass AdSense account disabling over the weekend. Read more

Google Tests Single AMP Icon In Search Results Again
A month ago we caught Google testing a somewhat awkward layout for showing the AMP icon without the AMP text next to it. Read more

Google AdWords Tests No Side Bar On AdWords Preview Tool
Google is testing a new user interface for the AdWords ad preview and diagnostic tool. The new look drops off the left side bar and shows the preview in a larger view. Read more

Google: The Link Report Is Not A Real Time Monitor Of Links
Google Search Console is filled with wonderful tools and reports, including the links to your site report. Read more

Google My Business Integrates Booking Partners To Book Appointments & More
Google announced that they are rolling out in the Google My Business console a way for some US businesses that have appointments. Read more

Soft 404s For Google Hack Labels Don’t Remove Warning
As many of you know, for years, Google would label hacked content in their search results with the this site may be hacked label. Read more

New Google AdWords Showcase Shopping Ads & More
Yesterday Google announced some new features at the SMX show, the big one is shopping showcase ads. Read more

Google: Mobile First Index Rolls Out On Host Level Per Site
One of the questions about the mobile first index from SMX East last night was about how the mobile first index rolls out. Read more

Google: Duplicate Content Issues Are Rainy Day Tasks
John Mueller from Google has a wonderful response to a question about duplicate content and how to measure how big of an issue it is on your web site. Read more

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