NW77 provide a range of online services to SME businesses through to large multinational organisations.

The services include; Application specification and implementation of bespoke online development projects through to Content Management Solutions. Integrated-marketing utilising search engine optimisation, paid search advertising, display advertising, social media engagement, content strategy and localised marketing to drive advocacy, campaign success and higher ROI.

Service - Web Development

Web Development

Our solutions range from back office management systems through to ecommerce and content managed websites. We have refined and defined a process that ensures our delivery exceeds business requirements, engages user needs whilst improving business process and ROI.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Obtaining prime ranking organically for your business website in search engines drives the highest level of return. We are proud of our track record of delivering high quality traffic to websites, improving organic visibility, engaging users with brands and monitoring the results.

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Services | Search Engine Optimisation
Google Adwords Qualified Company

Paid search Advertising (PPC)

Successful PPC campaigns offer brand-building opportunities as well as direct sales. A short-term gain in a SEM strategy, but a measurable one. Our understanding of Google Adwords and Bing PPC allow us to make campaigns self financing, scalable and entirely centred on achieving results.

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Display Advertising

We combine our creative and analytical skills to develop display campaigns that are memorable and build an instant rapport with your audience. At the same time we measure exactly how effective they are by tracking the number of clicks and conversions they generate.

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Services | Display Advertising
Service | Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Our social media engagement program, audits, defines, provides guidance and manages how best to ensure your social media profiles and fan-pages get the engagement you expect from your followers whether it’s a like, comment, click a link to purchase, find out more or to share an article or promotion.

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Content Strategy

Every company requires compelling content to instil trust and promote authority across all digital platforms that engage user interaction. We define a bespoke SEO content strategy and then create content assets tailored to each platform that delivers.

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Service - Content Strategy
Google Analytics Qualified Company

Insight and Analytics

Obtaining an insight into user behaviour on your website is invaluable. High quality analytics applied with business logic help a business to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of their website against user needs.  NW77 are a qualified Google Analytics company offering website review and consultancy to get the best out of your online digital presence.

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Local Marketing

We appreciate the need for small and medium sized or large nationwide businesses to appear big enough to deliver however small enough to care in their local community. NW77 ensures your Google Business presence is comprehensive, your listing is 100% compliant and you are using the full suite of Google enhancements available, for example; Google 360.

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