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Social Media Engagement

We believe that all media is social media. In fact, social media is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we don’t have a specific department, but have instead integrated experts into all our disciplines from strategy to creative, technology, media and analytics.

Our programme, audits, defines, provides guidance and manages how best to ensure your profiles and fan-pages get the engagement you expect from your followers whether it’s a like, comment, click a link to purchase, find out more or to share an article or promotion.

We will also audit your live website to ensure it is enabled for social sharing and has OG tags implemented correctly onsite. We can either work with your existing development company or happy to introduce to our web development proposition.

“Our social media presence was sporadic and inconsistent, NW77 sorted us out!”

Some social platforms will not be appropriate for your business. As part of the audit and definition process we review you business audience against the appropriate channels, specify communication requirements, asset inventory and frequency of broadcast to ensure effective and maximum delivery for your brand, product, service and event news.

We look at how best to inspire engagement by integrating unique contests and organising interactive Q&A sessions via Twitter Chats or Google Hangouts for example.

Our social media engagement programme works hand-in-hand with that of our search engine advertising proposition and a strategy will be devised to ensure maximum impact across all supporting channels.

We can then either train up internal teams on social communication and frequency requirements or manage the day to day social media engagement process on your behalf.

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