19 Apr | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Aligning content and SEO for search success
Here are some best practices to get content and SEO teams working together throughout the creation process to ensure your pages are well-suited to succeed in organic search. Read more

Majority of SMBs doing SEO are in-housing/strong>
Nearly 80 percent expressed confidence about knowledge of best practices. Read more

Google spotted testing version of GoogleBot that can render more content
Google may be able to fully crawl more advanced and modern web apps sooner than you thought. Read more

How to appear in local services listings in Google Assistant and Google Home
Company serving only pre-screened local providers in most major markets. Read more

De-indexing bug hits Google Search Console reports, tools
Don’t trust the Google Search Console coverage and enhancement reports, nor the URL inspection tool until Google fixes ongoing indexing bugs. Read more

Make your content better with social media and marketing automation
Content pollution is real. Are you part of the problem? Read more

Google says de-indexing issue is fixed
After six days of working to fix the indexing bug, Google claims to have solved the problem but did not elaborate on what exactly went wrong. Read more

PageRank in 2019
Why we shouldn’t forget about PageRank in 2019 Read more

Building and scaling global SEO Centers of Excellence
Before you can involve your company’s executives in SEO advocacy, you need a set of best practices and clear goals to share. Here’s how you do it. Read more

Yoast offers revamped Schema markup with 11.0 update
The SEO plugin claims to fix Schema implementation and provide more context for search engines. Read more

Google: Google News indexing bug has been resolved
Resolved: Google has resolved the issue with Google News not indexing some publisher’s content. Read more

From Marketing Land

In the battle for mobile engagement, branded apps hold untapped value
To effectively market in a mobile world, brands need to think of their apps as mobile video mailboxes. Read more

Content alone is not going to win the streaming war. Here’s why
Disney, Apple, Netflix and Amazon all think pure subscription-based services are the answer but consumers disagree. Read more

Facebook gives Ads Manager a design refresh and launches new cost cap bidding strategy
The Business Manager platform is also being updated, but not until later this year. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Console Performance Report AMP Stories Search Appearance Filter
The same day Google launched the new Discover performance report in Google Search Console, Google announced they also now let you see your AMP Stories traffic. Read more

Google Tests A More Modern Rendering Engine For GoogleBot
Just not long ago, we quoted Martin Splitt of Google saying he knows when Google will release an updated and more modern version of GoogleBot so it can render JavaScript and the modern web better but he won’t say when. Read more

Should Google Index The Entire Web & Not Cherry Pick Pages To Index?
For years and years Google has told us they don’t index all the content and URLs they know about on the web. Read more

Google Local Panel Can Show Fax Number
Does your business still have a fax number? I’ll be honest, I spend about $10 per month to have one and I use it maybe once every several months. Read more

Most SEOs Say Redirect, Not 404, When Pruning Old Content
Cyrus Shepard posted a poll on Twitter asking SEOs what is better to do when pruning old content, to 301 redirect or 404 the page. Read more

Google Showing Previously Fetched Results – Update Button
Google is testing an option for some searchers to refresh the search results, like we saw back in June of last year, but they reworded the messaging to read “showing previously fetched results” and then an update button. Read more

Google’s Indexing Bug Spreads Like A Virus To Coverage Report, URL Inspection Tool & More
The Google de-indexing bug, which took about 6 days to resolve and is supposedly resolved as of last Thursday is now causing issues within Google Search Console. Read more

When Google Says I Don’t Know, They Might Know.
Google’s John Mueller said on stage at BrightonSEO last Friday that sometimes when Google says “I don’t know” they actually do know but they don’t know the proper PR way to answer the question yet. Read more

OMG: Google’s Internal Alert System
At the BirghtonSEO conference last Friday, John Mueller was interviewed by Hannah Smith – and one thing she brought up that was new was that Google has an internal system to deal with big issues called OMG. Read more

Google Search Algorithms Are Designed To Be Granular But Older Updates Were More Broad
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that when it comes to Google’s search algorithms they try to go as granular as possible. Read more

Google: Use Site Command For Checking Individual URLs
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that you can use the site command to check individual pages and see if they are indexed. Read more

Google My Business Rolling Out Short Names & URLs
Google My Business is rolling out a new feature to let businesses define their short name and URLs within Google My Business. Read more

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