3 May | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Here’s what you need to know about image optimization for SEO
Google’s updated image search interface isn’t the only tool keeping the spotlight on visual content and product discovery. Read more

Google may decide to charge for Google My Business listings
If Google starts to charge for Google My Business listings it may introduce some issues for how Google defends their free/organic listings. Read more

Choosing the right marketing analytics solutions for your company
Nine data solutions to speed and heighten your marketing effectiveness. Read more

Parallel tracking goes live for Google Ads display campaigns May 1
Stay tuned for the launch date of parallel tracking for video campaigns. Read more

Google Q1 revenues $36.3 billion but miss Wall Street expectations
Mobile search and YouTube drove revenue gains, but growth of paid clicks has declined when compared with earlier quarters. Read more

Brands can better understand users on third-party sites by using a keyword overlap analysis
These scripts can help analyze cross-site branded traffic with overlapping keywords to capture untapped audiences. Read more

Yoast adds image and video Schema with 11.1 update
The enhancements claim to make it easier to provide what search engines need to make sense of your videos. Read more

Local SEOs mixed, some peeved at idea of paying for Google My Business services
They recognized the logic – but many had strong criticisms. Read more

7 SEO best practices you should be doing regardless of what Google says
It’s important to keep in mind that maintaining a good online presence goes beyond search rankings. Read more

You can now automatically set your Google history to be deleted
Set it and forget it when it comes to deleting your search and location history on Google. Read more

Microsoft Advertising is no longer just chasing parity with Google Ads – it’s building unique ads features
3D ads and a host of ad extensions are among the features Microsoft Advertising is testing. Read more

Multi-brand digital initiatives: Thinking web system, not web site
A thorough inventory to identify common and unique elements for businesses with multiple brands and locations will drive solutions for the long term. Read more

Don’t rely on Google Ads reporting for Apr 30, May 1
Details are scant in an alert currently showing in the Google Ads UI. Read more

Sitelinks searchbox, logo enhancement and unparsable structured data report added to GSC
Check out these three new reporting goodies Google just added to Search Console. Read more

Learn how to get better returns from Microsoft Ads
To get started, import a successful Google AdWords campaigns, do your research on keywords and optimize your current bids and budget for Microsoft’s platform. Read more

From Marketing Land

Twitter puts focus on exclusive media partnerships to attract video advertisers
The company announced original content deals with several news and entertainment organizations, including Univision, Wall Street Journal, Live Nation and MTV. Read more

We must demand a higher standard of quality for online advertising
As an industry, we need to create baseline criteria to combat fraud and support an ad-supported internet. Read more

Learn how to get better returns from Microsoft Ads
To get started, import a successful Google AdWords campaigns, do your research on keywords and optimize your current bids and budget for Microsoft’s platform. Read more

Planning and creating the perfect landing page
How to create landing pages that convert. Read more

Why you want ‘clumpy’ binge-buying customers
By understanding binge purchasing, you can uncover a new metric to measure and predict CLV – and choose which customers to focus on and when. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Bug Selecting Unrelated Canonical URLs & Indexing Issues
Google has announced on Twitter a new bug yesterday, this time with Google possibly selecting unrelated canonical URLs. Read more

Google: Context Is Key For Some Keyword Searches
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter the other day that “Some of these things really need context to make sense.” Read more

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Around April 26th?
I am seeing both chatter and tracking tools reporting a possible Google search ranking algorithm update that touched down over the weekend, around April 26th. Read more

Goodbye Bing Ads & Hello Microsoft Advertising
I am getting a bit tired of all the rebranding – I mean, not just with Microsoft’s search engine services. Microsoft Search, Live Search, Bing Search. Microsoft adCenter to Bing Ads and now to Microsoft Advertising. Read more

Google My Business POI Establishment Bug Now Point Of Interest
Last week we reported how many businesses in Google My Business were noticing Google adding a new category to their listing named “POI Establishment.” Read more

Google My Business Explores Charging Fees?
Google is sending out a survey to some local businesses asking if they would be willing to pay a monthly fee in exchange for Google My Business listing services. Read more

Google Search Console Reports Finally Up To Date
After Google pausing several of their reports within the Google Search Console due to the indexing bugs, Google now has updated them as of this morning. Read more

Google Earnings Show Paid Click Growth Declining With Cost Per Click
Most Google earnings report show how the cost-per-click, the amount an advertiser pays when someone clicks on their search ads, have been getting less expensive. Read more

Google: Search Console Backlink Report Only Report Not Fully Fixed Yet
I asked Google for an official update on the Search Console status, since we reported yesterday that it appears most of the reports are back to normal. Read more

Google: We Don’t Provide SEO Support Based On Business Relationships
One of the biggest complaints I see from newbies in SEO is that it is impossible to call someone at Google and get an answer on why their rankings are not doing well in search. Read more

Google Search Console Lost Data From April 9 to April 25th
Remember those Google Search Console bugs that we thought was related to the indexing issue? Read more

Google: If It’s Not Obvious Which Links Hurt You Then It’s Not Hurting Or Helping
Google’s John Mueller posted one of his classic tweets the other day around links. Read more

Google Buggier Now More Than Usual? Google Responds
I was asked by someone on Twitter last week if Google is more buggier than normal these days, with the indexing bugs, Search Console issues, cache date issues, mobile-friendly notices and the list goes on and on for April. Read more

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