9 Mar | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Bing Entity Search API is now available
The API enables you to pull Bing Knowledge Graph information about people, places, things, and local businesses directly into your sites and apps. Read more

10 ways to increase calls from paid search
The massive increase in phone calls is one of the most notable side effects of the emergence of the mobile consumer. By 2019, BIA/Kelsey predicts 162 billion calls to businesses from mobile devices alone. Read more

Yelp offers new ad customization to advertisers
Advertisers are permitted to pick an image and favorite review or let an algorithm do it for them. Read more

Google is extending Search capabilities to iMessage and other browser apps on iOS
New extensions bring the search engine into more apps on iOS. Read more

Bing has confirmed support for JSON-LD formatted Schema.org markup
Though not yet available in the toolset, buildout of verification within Bing Webmaster Tools is in progress. Read more

Mastering mobile SEO
Google says that more than half of its traffic comes from mobile devices – are you fully taking advantage of this increasingly important trend? Read more

Optimize your search, Facebook and display targeting with call analytics
Digital advertising is ruthlessly competitive. Your AdWords, Facebook and display ROI depends on your ability to show the right ad to the right audience for the right cost. Read more

Disney theme parks now on Google Street View
Users can now virtually tour almost every inch of Disney’s many theme parks. Read more

30 questions to ask that so-called PPC ‘expert’ before hiring him/her
Just say no to the expert if he/she can’t answer the following 30 PPC, content and remarketing question. Read more

Google AMP team launches ‘Render on Idle’ to load ads faster when browsers sit idle
The feature works automatically with DoubleClick AMP ad tag and for ad networks using Fast Fetch. Read more

The ultimate guide to bot herding and spider wrangling
Deep dive into bots, explaining what they are and why crawl budgets are important. Read more

Google working to integrate AMP benefits into future open web standards
Standardization will allow sites to implement, and benefit from, AMP features without adopting the framework. Read more

How to effectively report competitor spam
Reasons why submitting a spam report against a competitor practicing ‘black hat SEO’ can be another tool in your marketing arsenal. Read more

From Marketing Land

Phrase, broad, or broad match modifier: After exact, what’s the next best match type?
Deploying multiple match types produces little difference between phrase and broad match options. Read more

Split testing Google Shopping campaigns
Many retailers and marketers want to review the performance of their Google Shopping campaigns with split testing, whether it’s to establish if a tool will offer more efficiency than manual implementation or to compare two tools against each other. Read more

Are you ready for the attribution changes coming to Google AdWords?
Here’s an overview of attribution and five different replacement models available in Google AdWords. Read more

Spredfast adds reviews to the social channels in its dashboard
The social management platform becomes the latest to treat consumer reviews as another source of social feedback. Read more

Facebook CFO David Wehner says it will be GDPR compliant, active user numbers may be affected
Wehner told an investor meeting Wednesday that the social media giant is ready for the EU regulation. Read more

Bundle your agency services to boost revenue
Though the leading marketing sectors, such as technology, software and many consumer brands, have been utilizing marketing automation for years, it is still a relatively underutilized technology in many sectors. This puts agencies in a great position to pitch services in the form of a bundled offer. Read more

Report: Just under 400 brands ran video ads on Snapchat Discover channels in past 3 months
MediaRadar study shows nearly half of the video ads on Snapchat Discover channels came from media & entertainment brands. Read more

How well do you know your customer?
You may think you know your customer, but what is your understanding based on? Read more

Maximizing conversion rates
Learn how to create a structured approach to improving online conversions to significantly impact both sales and ROI. Read more

Get inside your customer’s head: A guide to writing irresistible calls to action
Common search motivations and different types of CTAs you can use to motivate people so they can’t help but click.. Read more

Analytics 360 Suite customers can now set up ‘user groups’ in Google Analytics
Individuals on internal teams at agencies and consultancies often have various levels of access to a Google Analytics account. Read more

The price is right? Let the data answer that
Now that programmatic advertisers have nailed audience targeting, it’s time to apply the same array of data to bid management. Read more

How Amazon dominates the competitive search landscape
An examination of paid search performance in US and UK retail markets. Read more

YouTube Studio moving out of beta with 3 new metrics & redesigned dashboard
Creators will soon have access to impressions, click-through rates and unique viewer metrics to measure how their videos are performing. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Update, Multifaceted Featured Snippets, Search Console Changes, AdWords & More
This week we noticed a possible Google update starting on March 1st through March 2nd. Google is now rolling out what they called multifaceted featured snippets. Read more

Google Algorithm Update Brewing? Depends Who You Ask.
Over the past couple days or so, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has some folks passionately yelling there was a massive update, while some are saying it looks all static and fine from their point of view. Read more

Yelp offers new ad customization to advertisers
Advertisers are permitted to pick an image and favorite review or let an algorithm do it for them. Read more

March 2018 Google Webmaster Report
It has been a pretty busy month in the Google SEO and webmaster world. We had two possible Google algorithm updates. Read more

Google: Again Provide Clear & Consistent SEO Signals
For as long as I can remember, Google’s John Mueller has been preaching consistency when it comes to SEO. Read more

Google: There Is Always Risk Of Losing Rankings When Moving A Site
Site moves and domain or URL changes can be scary, nerve wracking, dangerous and risky. Read more

Google: Titles & Descriptions Are Easy Wins For SEO
This is a no brainer and one of the easiest things you can do to help a site perform better in search – make sure their title tags are reflecting the content on the page and what the searcher would query to find their content. Read more

Google: Moving Your Server To A New Country Generally Won’t Set The Geotarget
Let’s say you have your site hosted in the United States and then you decide because of data protection reasons you want to move your server and your web site on it on to a server in Germany Read more

Google Image Search Product Schema Shows New Product Filter
Back in December 2016, Google introduced product schema for image search and announced it in April 2017. Read more

Google: Content Publishing Frequency Not A Ranking Signal
John Mueller from Google said Google’s algorithms doesn’t give a benefit to a site that produces more content, more frequently than other sites. Read more

Google My Business Has Updated Local Photos Help Article
Google posted on Twitter the other day that they have updated the help document for the Google My Business photos page. Read more

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