2 Feb | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Facebook updates branded content policy to clarify what qualifies as content
Facebook will bar publishers and creators from using its branded content tagging tool to promote content that they were not involved in creating. Read more

Search CPCs outpaced spend growth in Q4 2017
Mobile search click costs increased by 25 percent year over year, according to Marin Software’s Q4 2017 reporting. Read more

Tell Google which report you are really missing in new Google Search Console
A new button in the beta Search Console explains why all of the old reports have not been migrated yet. Read more

Customer loyalty: A key ingredient for successful local search results
Loyal customers are both your cheerleaders and bodyguards. Read more

Publishers turn to ads, search following Facebook’s News Feed change
Media companies are turning to paid distribution and other platforms to insure them against Facebook’s latest algorithm update. Read more

Are you getting credit for all of your organic visits from GMB?
Getting credit for all of your Google My Business clicks can be a challenge. Read more

Google publishes comprehensive guide to featured snippets
Learn more about how Google’s featured work, the variations and some of the challenges Google faces with these snippets. Read more

What to get right before launching a global business
How taking care of business at home helps ensure global success. Read more

Channel your inner explorer to find link-building prospects
Tips and tricks for finding link-building prospects. Read more

How to use brand mentions for SEO, or the linkless future of link building
Google has used links to determine the authority of websites since its early days: the idea of webpages casting “votes” for other pages by linking to them is at the core of the PageRank algorithm. Read more

Bing Ads’ new Audience Segmentation feature makes list performance comparisons a breeze
Advertisers can quickly see performance by audience and benchmark against non-targeted users. Read more

Google’s Page Speed Update does not impact indexing
In response to questions raised in the community, here’s clarification about how indexing is impacted by the Google Page Speed Update. Read more

3 ways humans can do PPC better than machines alone
AI may be leading the wave of new AdWords capabilities, but humans can still add a ton of value to campaigns. Read more

Bing Ads has a conversion tracking fix for Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention
Advertisers must enable auto-tagging of the Microsoft Click ID in their accounts to get consistent ad conversion tracking from Safari. Read more

From Marketing Land

10 tips to stay ahead in digital advertising
As digital marketing rapidly evolves, how do you stay ahead of the curve? Read more

Why top social media experts say Facebook’s News Feed change is no big deal
Worried about Facebook’s overhaul of its News Feed? Don’t hit the panic button just yet. Read more

Introducing the ‘content conversation’: The new twist in content marketing using live video
As you develop your 2018 content marketing plans, don’t leave out live video. Read more

Facebook steps up privacy education, shares ‘privacy principles’ for first time
The company will be promoting privacy tools in the News Feed. Read more

Recognizing the subtle signs that point to possible ad fraud
How do you know if real humans or bots are clicking on your ads? Read more

Facebook will prioritize local news while still de-prioritizing news overall
Facebook will identify local publishers as “those whose links are clicked on by readers in a tight geographic area,” according to a company blog post. Read more

6 hot trends travel brands should watch in 2018
Six trends travel brands can keep an eye on to help build their advertising outreach strategies in 2018. Read more

Big companies are treating Amazon like a branding channel
Big brands are taking a page from smaller upstarts and looking to better understand their customers. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google AdWords Adds Remarketing Ad Settings & Mute Ads Additions
Google announced they are adding two new features to help searchers and users see less ads they don’t want to see. Read more

Google: Vacation Rental Test Does Not Change Google My Business Guidelines
Several months ago, we covered how Google was testing vacation rentals in the Google Maps and local results. Read more

More Google Search Algorithm Updates Going On Now?
Over the past several days, people have been moaning about ranking and organic search changes in the SEO communities. Read more

Google Bulletin – Testing Hyper Local Stories & News
Hyper local news and stories is nothing new, there have been many platforms that tried it out or are currently live that try to bring really local news stories. Read more

Google Tests White Local Knowledge Panel Design
Google is testing yet another variation of the local knowledge panel, this one is making the blue background colour – white. Read more

Google: You Can Target & Rank For Two Keywords On A Single Page
The topic of optimizing for one keyword phrase over multiple is nothing new, we covered it in 2005 and probably more times since then. Read more

Google AdWords Extensions: Email Reply Time & Average Delivery Time
Matthew Umbro shared on Twitter a new Google AdWords extension last week that the PPC community thinks is another form of an automated AdWords ad extension. Read more

Google Gives Details On Featured Snippets & What New Snippets May Come
Google’s featured snippets have been one of those areas in search that Google has been investing a lot of time. Read more

Google Search Console Can Show Clicks To HTTP After Site Migration To HTTPS
So you moved your site from HTTP to HTTPS, you feel good about it, but for some reason, Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report for the old HTTP property is still showing some click data to the old HTTP property. Read more

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