9 Feb | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

What’s going on with Google brand CPC?
Brands may be at Google’s mercy when it comes to the price of branded traffic. Read more

Restaurant owners can now edit menu listings in Google My Business
Create a structured restaurant menu that can display in mobile search listings directly in GMB. Read more

Bing Ads rolls out multiuser access with single sign-on
Multiple account management continues to become easier and more streamlined. Read more

Google adds new SEO Audit category to Chrome’s Lighthouse extension
The popular auditing tool used by developers and search marketers now enables users to run basic SEO checks against site pages. Read more

6 AdWords strategies businesses can use to make love, not war on Valentine’s Day
Give the gift of Adwords love this Valentine’s Day by using these six tactics. Read more

Compare 9 paid search campaign management tools
The paid media marketing landscape has become increasingly complex, as the speed of search engine algorithms and development changes accelerates and marketers demand more integrated channel capabilities. Read more

How to create content to support local SEO and rock the rankings
Are you looking for ways to increase your organic visibility and rankings in local search results? Read more

The need for speed: Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem
Google’s partnership with WordPress aims to jump-start the platform’s support of the latest web technologies — particularly those involving performance & mobile experience. And they’re hiring WordPress experts. Read more

Google Search Console AMP report error now corrected
Users should see updated data this week. Read more

YouTube sees 90% lift in searches for football highlight videos during the last year
According to YouTube, sports fans are watching more sports-related videos than ever. Read more

Google officially announces the new Google Search Console is available for everyone
The Search Console UX team shares how user feedback played a role in the evolution of the new version. Read more

Case study: On-page + off-page SEO working together = success
Insightful case study on the positive effects SEO-focused content created by local influencers can have on driving targeted traffic. Read more

Technical SEO in the age of semantic search and Google
Technical SEO is more important than ever — but for long-term ranking success, understanding how Google processes data is key. Read more

4 ways to get more out of Bing Ads
Sometimes Bing Ads is the forgotten stepchild of PPC. The reasons probably trace back to when Bing Ads was very hard to manage and provided very little opportunity for the effort invested, but times have changed. Read more

Google begins enforcing certification process for event ticket resellers on AdWords
Ticket resellers are now included among the list of restricted advertisers on AdWords and must be certified by Google before they can advertise. Read more

AdWords Express launches notifications for calls from search ads
Advertisers can now rate calls and be notified of missed calls. Read more

Google now wants larger images for AMP articles
Are you getting Google search traffic from the AMP-based top stories carousel? Make sure your images are at least 1,200 pixels wide. Read more

Optimizing for quality score is a best practice, except when it’s not. Here’s why.
Improving quality score shouldn’t be a goal in itself, but solely a means to achieve your business goals. How to tell when it’s worth focusing on and when it’s not. Read more

From Marketing Land

Instagram triples length of Story ads with carousel format
Brands including Netflix and Paramount have begun testing ads that include three photos or videos within Instagram’s Stories feed. Read more

GDN or DSP: How to decide
Trying to decide whether to use the Google Display Network or a DSP to boost your display reach? Read more

Sharing on social in the wake of Facebook’s recent algorithm update: what you need to know
If you’re worried about Facebook’s changes to its News Feed, don’t panic just yet. Read more

Twitter gives developers full access to its entire archive of tweets
Businesses can now identify and analyze Twitter trends in customer sentiment over time. Read more

Snapchat opens in-app shopping section with Snap Store
Snap could reap additional revenue by opening up its in-app store to outside brands and selling sponsored listings within it. Read more

Quora adds more contextual & behavioural ad-targeting options
The platform is steadily enhancing its advertising offering. Read more

Data is a tough topic for businesses, especially for retailers
There is a lot of data out there, but not everyone knows what to do with it. Read more

Tech executives unite in initiative to push back against technology
Smartphone addiction is the new smoking. Read more

Instagram tests Facebook’s shoppable Collection ads
The ad format digitizes brands’ print product catalogs with autoplay video and links to their e-commerce sites. Read more

Instagram tests its version of the retweet but thru Stories
People in the test group can share other people’s public posts to their own Stories, and their followers can tap on the shared post to see the original. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Ranking Vs Indexing: The Google SEO Confusion
Most SEOs know the difference between ranking and indexing, some even know the difference between indexing, ranking and serving search results. Read more

Google: Do Not Say AMPlify, AMP’d Or AMPed For Google AMP
Since Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages, i.e. AMP, people have been saying their pages are AMPlify, AMP’d Or AMPed – well, Google doesn’t want you to say things like that. Read more

Ranking In Google By Aligning Content Around Searcher Intent
It has been a while since I heard SEOs talk more in the abstract around how Google is understanding the content on your web pages as a whole. Read more

What To Do When Your Google Disavow List Is Maxed Out
What happens when your disavow file can’t fit anymore URLs and you have no more room to add anymore URLs to the list. Read more

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Updates, Featured Snippets, SEO, AdWords & More
This week in search I covered some search algorithm rumblings. Google’s Danny Sullivan wrote a comprehensive explanation of featured snippets. Read more

Google AdWords Adds Insight Cards For Impression Shifts & Changes
Google quietly announced on Google+ and Twitter that they have added two new insights cards to the AdWords overview page that shares when your ad impressions. Read more

February 2018 Google Webmaster Report
This past month, Google announced the Page Speed update, a new ranking algorithm designed to lower the ranking of mobile pages that are really slow. Read more

Google: Don’t Dynamically Change Sitemap File Names Daily
Google’s John Mueller answered a question I never heard before around dynamically generated sitemap files, generating new file names for these sitemap files every single day. Read more

Google AdWords Impressions & Clicks May Show After Campaign Was Paused
A Google AdWords advertiser complained on Twitter that two days after pausing a campaign, he is still seeing clicks. Read more

Google AdWords Missed Call Ad Extension?
Reena Jha shared a screen shot of a weird Google AdWords ad extension that not only shows the call extension but also a “missed call” button. Read more

Google: Even Big Sites Aren’t Allowed To Sell Or Buy Links
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that even big sites that do paid links, buying or selling of links to pass PageRank or manipulate the Google search results, can be penalized and it is against Google’s webmaster guidelines. Read more

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