3 Nov | Digital weekly roundup

Our weekly digest of what’s happening/trending in the digital world provided by Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

From Search Engine Land

Google searches now correspond to user location instead of domain
Users can still change their search settings to select a country service if desired. Read more

Facebook third-party partnerships bring huge trove of used car listings to Marketplace
Hundreds of thousands of used cars now available as part of content expansion. Read more

Local SEO for service-area businesses requires a lot of servicing
What does it take to get noticed as a service-area business? This article explains some of the challenges facing these businesses and offers tips for how to approach your local SEO efforts. Read more

Microsoft search revenue grew 15% last quarter, after hovering around 10% previous 4 quarters
LinkedIn sessions increased again by more than 20 percent. Read more

How to ensure your external PPC account audit isn’t a waste of time
Everyone loves a free PPC audit, but this article warns that your auditing agency needs to understand your business goals and context in order to provide you with valuable insights. Read more

13 outdated SEO tactics that should terrify you
In the spirit of Halloween, here are some frighteningly outdated SEO tactics that simply won’t die! Read more

Rothy’s uses Twitter Ads to drive brand awareness
earn about an up-and-coming shoe designer’s Twitter strategy. Read more

SEO Ranking Factors in 2017: What’s Important and What’s Not
What are the most crucial search engine ranking factors these days? Panelists at SMX East discussed their findings and provided practical advice for putting this data into action. Read more

Oh, no! AdWords can now spend double your budget. Or not…
In response to Google’s recent announcement that AdWords campaigns can now spend up to twice an advertiser’s average daily budget. Read more

The ever-growing local search universe
The current local search ecosystem and emphasizes the need to regularly optimize your data and content so that your business can be found where people are searching. Read more

The four pillars of an effective SEO strategy
Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex, but by breaking down its key elements into four main categories. Read more

The SEO ‘do more with less’ cookbook
How do you get the most out of your SEO program with limited resources? Read more

Creating a B2B and B2C overlap strategy
How should you structure paid search accounts when your targets include both businesses and consumers? Read more

Do Google Posts impact ranking? A case study
Here are the results of a case study to see whether Google Posts can move the needle for local search rankings. Read more

From Marketing Land

Deloitte predicts e-commerce will outperform in-store spending this holiday season
According to Deloitte’s 2017 Holiday Retail Survey, online spending will exceed in-store spending for the first time. Read more

Marketers plan to test out Facebook Stories because why not
As Facebook opens up Stories to Pages, marketers see upside and no immediate downside. Read more

Facebook’s dynamic creative can generate up to 6,250 versions of an ad
Facebook will automatically test combinations of up to 30 assets. Read more

Connect with your audience across multiple channels and at scale
How can brands cut through the noise and build the experience that consumers actually welcome? Read more

E-commerce brands boost Facebook ad spend as CPMs, CPCs rise but CTRs dip
In Q3 2017, online retailers increased the amount of money they poured into Facebook’s mobile video ads and shopper-retargeting Dynamic Ads. Read more

Content Analytics launches retailers’ Scorecards for brands’ product pages
The Scorecards notify brands about missing images, wordy product titles, lack of reviews and other content issues that could affect sales. Read more

Snapchat rolls out conversion-tracking Snap Pixel for brands to tie site traffic to in-app ads
Initially, Snapchat’s tag can only be used to measure conversions, but eventually, brands will be able to use it to retarget site visitors and create lookalike audiences. Read more

SmartCommerce brings the impulse-buying experience online for CPG brands this holiday season
Jennifer Silverberg, SmartCommerce CEO, asks, If a brand makes a you want something online, why wouldn’t they create an easy path to purchase it? Read more

The Google Analytics Social channel is broken: Here’s how to fix it
If it seems like Google Analytics isn’t showing you all your social media traffic, it might be time to make some tweaks. Read more

3 tips to consider before resending that email
Don’t make the mistake of resending emails to subscribers who have ignored your previous messages. Read more

From Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Algorithm & Ranking Update Brewing?
Over the past 24-48 hours there has been an uptick in chatter across social media, the SEO communities and the forum threads around Google ranking and search results shifts. Read more

Google Search Console Beta Launch Should Give Us A Years Worth Of Data
Google has been promising more than 90 days worth of data in the Google Search Console, formerly Webmaster Tools, since 2013 and they have been teasing us with it over and over again. Read more

Google Local Panel Shows “Inside This Place”
Google seems to be rolling out a new feature for the local knowledge panel named “inside this place.” Read more

Google Won’t Change Search Results Based On Google Domain Names Anymore
Google announced that going to a specific Google ccTLD will no longer change how Google shows you search results. Read more

Google Does Not Want To Depend On Structured Data & Schema In Future
At SMX East, Gary Illyes from Google said that he wants to see Google to get to a place where they do not need structured data or schema. Read more

Google Employee Clicks On AdWords Ads Do Not Cost
Did you know that if a Google employee, Googler, clicks on your AdWords or any Google ads, while in the Google network, Google doesn’t count those clicks. Read more

Google: Your Multilingual Pages Shouldn’t Be Word For Word Translation
Some folks might think that Google requires that when you use hreflang and make a multilingual web site, that each page that is translated from one language to another must be done word-for-word. Read more

Google: Structured Data Not Required For Rich Snippets But Recommended
Google’s John Mueller confirmed on Twitter that technically, you do not need structured data for Google to apply rich snippets in the search results to your site. Read more

Google Shows Emojis Again For Some Search Results
Back in 2016 Google enabled you to see emojis in the search results if that was your intent when searching. Previous, they banned them from showing up but promised not to penalize for using them. Read more

November 2017 Google Webmaster Report
I’d say the past month was a time where Google ramped up their testing of the mobile first index. In fact, they already rolled it out for a few sites they said. Read more

Google AdWords Now Allows Bidding On Emojis?
Google AdWords has policies against using emojis in your ad copy, in fact, it has been a struggle for them to block it. But now Dan Perach shared a screen shot of Google AdWords allowing him to bid on the rose ð¹ emoji for money. Read more

Google Internal Search Conference For Googlers
Did you know Google holds internal search conferences for Google employees. Read more

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